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2020 - Choose your album

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Even though I have many, if not all in digital form, I'm not familiar enough with them to also select a favourite track, so I'll abstain and that also includes other years I haven't commented on.

Also, a big thank you to Auslander. 

Great threads mate.



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Yes big thanks to Auslander for posting these - been v interesting to see people's choices.

That 2020 graphic looked a little sparse with sightly disappointing releases from One Desire, Rev Saints & Tmf which whilst all good were not as good as what came before. The Passion was solid.

Clear winner on the graphic tho is HEAT which was great and my no 3 for that year. 

NFO, Cats in Space, Vega and the rather splendid Platforms album would round out my top 5 for 2020. 

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followed by the excellent Passion...

also liked GOK,TMF & Black Swan from that graphic...AC/DC did their usual and Bloody Heels,Rev Saints & One Desire disappointed...but as Glen pointed out we also had good releases from Vega,NFO & CiS  :)

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GOK followed by One Desire both extremely good

3 of my favourite abums of recent years (which made my top 5 of 2020) not pictured namely

Pendragon - Love Over Fear

Kim Mitchell - The Big Fantasize

Cats In Space - Atlantis 


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Some albums here that I really like but for me, and on a personal level, in the height of the pandemic when we all were just trying to figure things out, AC/DC released "Power Up," and man, it could not have come at a better time. Now I know it's not the best album of 2020, but boy it did wonders for my psyche when I needed it most. So a tip of the cap to AC/DC.

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