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AOR Heaven calling it a day....


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...at the end of 2022.

Sad news. One of my place-to-go when bying music.

From AOR Heaven's newsletter:

As this is the final newsletter in 2021 I also want to inform you that me and my wife has decided that we’ll retire in two steps. We’ll stop releasing new albums on our label already now (and just do one more re-issue (Hit The Ground Runnin’ “Sudden Impact” due January the 14th as a double CD) as the final release. This will be a limited run of 500 units through our mailorder only.

End of next year (2022) we’ll fully retire incl. our mailorder  and concentrating on my tennis career – that’s the plan my friends !


Another one bites the dust. I guess the pandemic wasn't to blame for this decision but nevertheless one of Europe's finest mailorder/record label about to close down. I've been using AOR Heaven for years, I can't even remember when I placed my first order. Ages ago.

They will surely be missed. :(

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Posted this over on another thread but I guess it would be better here...

Yeah that's sad news,after all of these years,gonna miss Georg & Monika and the quality service they provide not just as a seller but also as a label,been buying from them a long long time.

I wish them nothing but happiness and peace,after all of these years they get to take it easy and relax

...just a pity that no-one could've continued on the AOR heaven site/label/tradition.

As with you Stefan I don't even remember when I made my first order...it was a long long time ago

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Yeah, sad news for sure. I'm curious about Georg's age and prospect in the world of tennis. How interesting. 

Anyway, sadly, like many others, I'm probably part of the problem as I stopped buying CDs a few years ago. But when I was still buying, this was my go-to, and I think every single new release in the genre was probably from this site for well over a decade. Nothing but excellent service every single time and I don't have a bad word to say about them from the many years of service these guys provided me. Wishing them all the best post-AOR Heaven. 

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A real shame, I'm still buying CDs, just ordered 10 from Japan last week. Used AORHeaven all the time. Hope he can sell the business and get something for it but physical music market looks to be dead. Who's buying all the LP reissues and releases I'm seeing everywhere at crazy prices ?

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