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Maverick - Ethereality


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New album out later this year on Metalapolis Records.

From facebook:

ETHEREALITY cover reveal and pre-orders now live! -https://maverickshop.bigcartel.com/

Ladies & Gentlemen, Children of all ages, Maverick & Metalapolis Records proudly brings to you the cover of our upcoming 2020 release . . .


Original artwork by the hugely talented Cardaan from the Ukraine! -https://instagram.com/cardaart?igshid=y631stg27is9

We cannot wait to hit the studio and get these songs recorded for you all! It is definitely shaping up to be our best record yet, something that we do not say lightly!

To everyone who pre-orders using the ‘big cartel’ link at the top of this post, your orders will be posted the day before the worldwide release date. Also you will be personally thanked by name in the liner notes of the sleeve, just like with our previous record 'Cold Star Dancer'. Because without you, we simply wouldn't be here - you are the lifeblood of Maverick!

Along with our brothers in the Metalapolis Records family we thank you all for the continued support and promise to release the best record we possibly can!

Release date TBA after completion of recording.

All the love,

Dave, Ryan, Richie, Ric & Jason

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The also reissued Quid Pro Quo last year, with a previously unlreleased bonus track and the Talk's Cheap EP added to it.


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49 minutes ago, Geoff said:

Yeah, I'd agree with that too. 

Guess I'll be the oddball but for me it's the opposite.  I think I've liked each release a little bit more than the last.

But for me they'd probably all be literally all be within about 5 points of each other if I were rating them and enjoy them all. 

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  • My Little Pony
2 hours ago, tts42572 said:

Best day in quite some time for new music!

Yeah, feels like a good start to the year. 

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Maverick had a listening party on You Tube today and played the entire new album along with plenty of tidbits.  This is pretty long but can skip through to the songs if you'd like to check it out.  Not sure if they'll leave this up or take it down.

Sounding damn good to me.  It probably follows along with their last album in terms of being a bit heavier.

Lots of good tunes but think my early favorite is probably Never.  That one starts at the 1:19:40 mark in the video.


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