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The Treatment - New UK Rock Band


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I'm sure most of the UK members know all about these guys.

I guess the average ages are 18 and the drummer is the son of Laurie Mansworth(More & Airrace). They have the same vibe of Hurricane Party/Roadstar/Heavens Basement. Just kick ass rock n roll similar to Aerosmith and GNR. Check out "The Doctor".



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Bought the remastered reissue from Spinefarm based on the Drink, fuck, fight song, and I have to say I have mixed feelings.

While it is a great little album, there are are some songs on it that are direct rip offs from other songs in my opinion.

Nothing to lose but our minds, for instance, sounds so close to All the young dudes that it just isnt funny.


Lots of bands spring to mind on this, with them obviously being influenced by the straight ahead rock of the likes of AC/DC & Aerosmith etc, without really sounding like either of them.

I can certainly hear Jeff Keith comparisons in some of the vocals, and Danny Vaughn at times as well.


Overall I think they need a bit more polish on their song writing just to make their songs stand out a bit more, but certainly a solid debut.

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The first and 3rd songs sound good. Been meaning to check this out but still haven't got around to it. And to be honest, not overly fussed either. But I will give it a listen, eventually.

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