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  1. yeah, that's the one. Thanks for the pic!
  2. thank you. I am sure it will be a tough one to track down, and probably too much $$$ for me.
  3. Hi,

    Have you ever seen an original cd for the Canadian band "The Stand"?

    If so, do you know what the going price is?


    Thank You

    1. zacharyamelie


      I've never heard of the band. Sorry I couldn't be of any help. Cheers!

    2. rickinmd


      i heard they were Canadian, and have a great sound.

      They did a cover of Crack the Sky's "Razor's in the night"

      Can send you a burn, if you would like to hear it.






    3. AlphaMale
  4. Hi Stefan,

    Did you see the Wild Rose will be re-released in a quantity of (500)?

    don't have the details, but saw it somewhere.

    Also, were you the one that posted : The Grand Masquerade video?

    That song has been in my head for a week. keep it up!



  5. Hi, I know this doesn't really fit in this category, but i was hoping that someone might be able to help. Is it possible to find the Original album cover for Angel's Bad Publicity lp anywhere? If not, Is it worth buying the double Sinful vinyl set, that includes Bad Publicity? (but no cover) I live in the Metro DC area. The guys from Angel lived not far from here many years ago. I new a girl that knew them. Thanks, Rick
  6. Got another one for you. Band is called Street Kid. 7 tracks on it. don't think it is the same band "street Kidz" that is on H.H... Kind of a mixed bag. Track 3 "Down by the river" and track 7 i liked the best. almost sounded like a couple of the later songs were demos because of the difference in quality. Again this is one i scribbled the name down from somewhere and got on cdr and am now wanting to more about the band. Anybody got any info on them? Thanks!
  7. 'Dreaming My Life Away' easily the best song in that lot for me. I'm not sure exactly how to describe the sound or which bands to compare them to, but I really don't like this. I found 'Judges Of Dakota County' and 'Life Is Full Of Broken Roses' hugely irritating, at least the 2 tracks mentioned above were better. I agree with you on the Judges of Dakota County. I didn't like that one either. not sure about the other one. The interesting thing is that song wasn't included on my cdr (no loss) but the opener "Black water" and the second track (not sure of the title) were real good son
  8. http://www.myspace.com/blackvalentinerocks Some pretty cool songs on that link. Not ground breaking, but cool indie hard rock stuff. does anyone know where i can get a cd version of this disc. I already have a burn but would like the original if possible. Thanks
  9. T-Bone, Thanks for the info! Unfortunately two of the harder rocking tunes aren't on the my space site. HH Fans: Check out "Dreaming my life away" amd "Don't Quit".. Good stuff in my opinion. Rick http://www.myspace.com/blackvalentinerocks
  10. does anybody know anything about this band? I don't even know how i found out about them but i got a burn of their cd and really like it! It starts out rockin but has 3 ballads in a row that remind me of D.R.F.S.R. Warrant.. of course, that's just my humble opinion.. any info would be appreciated! Thanks
  11. Hi, i have been having the same issues with them. I think they are active on ebay, but i don't seem to get any response from their web site. I pay and then i don't kknow if the order goes through and sometimes in the past they would contact me and say only some of the items i ordered were available. Haven't gotten any responses from them lately, though.. Rick
  12. i read a while back about this being released on cd. Only have seen digital stuff so far. anyone have any info on it? I remember playing the lp back in the day. Just liked a couple of songs, but liked them alot. Rick
  13. i liked both songs.. reminded me of Reckless Love! Rick
  14. Hi, Does anyone have any recent info on LW? I noticed their web site is off line. Just wondering if they are still together or not. Thanks in advance for any info. Rick
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