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  1. Careful when you are seeking them out as there is another Dirty Honey, I think from North Carolina. None of this singer's groove at all, so make sure you are checking out the right band if you choose to do so.
  2. Thanks for the reminder. One of my favorite bands. Really looking forward to reading it.
  3. Friend just turned me onto them three days ago. Love the singer's vocals. Read somewhere they were the first band to top the charts (who knows which chart and which category) as an unsigned band. Can't understand why no one has signed them yet. Cool name. Cool look. Cool bar room blues rock sound.
  4. Love it! Song of the summer for me! And I personally love the artwork , especially the vivid colours in the sky.
  5. Wonder why Frontiers hasn't pushed for an Eyes reunion album.
  6. Streetheart for me, then Hardline.
  7. Is this the first time two offshoots of the same band have released albums with different lineups under the exact same name? I mean, we still knew JR's Great White was separate from Great White, right? Stranger than fiction for certain. Regarding the album; does it have to sound exactly like Guns on guitar and Lewis on vocals to find credibility since they call themselves LA Guns? Or can it stand on its own merits based on the songwriting and vocal delivery of Frohlich alone? OW! My brain hurts!
  8. I did know Young was in T2 but super cool story nonetheless. Big fan of Young. Saw him live fronting the Four Horsemen replacing Frank Starr after his tragic accident. Hope to see him in Little Caesar one day. Probably common knowledge among visitors here but I'll mention it anyway; Danny Cooksey the lead singer for Bad4Good was the red headed kid on the back of young John Connor's dirt bike with the blaster cranking GNR. Great movie!!!
  9. Vito is one of my favorite guitarists as well. Him and Nuno.
  10. About time someone signed him. Bieler is such a prolific songwriter.
  11. Wow! Last I heard the singer was in a coma from a serious head injury on a tennis court. Glad to hear he's back in action. Didn't know his brother had passed away either. Looking forward to their 3rd release. Anyone know where I can find a bonafide edition of McQueen Street 2 on cd? The one released by the band not the Russian boot.
  12. Is there some kind of riff between Blaze & Taylor?
  13. Thanks Stefan. Very impressive.
  14. So jealous. Forgive my ignorance, Jez, but what band were you in on the cruise? I would love to do the MORC before all these acts are too old to do it any longer but that opportunity seems to be slipping away.
  15. Too funny. Bratta/Levesque was the second example I was going to use along with Pigs but I actually never read the official article; I learned about that collaboration secondhand on another site who claimed they read it in Metal Edge. Vito's playing is unbelievable and I loved the Wild Horses album with Levesque so I thought that would be a killer project between them. Oh well. Literally nothing in it for anyone, but it would be an absolute hoot if all those back issues were uploaded on a website for old subscribers like us. That I would pay a subscription to without a doubt. In the meantime, really appreciate this thread, Alpha. Thank you kindly.
  16. I love it. Haven't recognized any of the posted bands yet either from my reading days or thereafter. I noticed Holland immediately though. What an amazing voice! RIP. As stated, Metal Edge was my bible back in the day and mainly for Rock on the Rise and the section that was a what's going on/coming up news update kinda thing that always mentioned what former band members of groups were up to. Amazing stuff. Still disappointed nothing ever came of Bourgeois Pigs featuring Jake E Lee and Richard Black mentioned in one particular issue. So wish I kept all my old issues. I bailed on the publication when they started ignoring hair bands in favour of whatever was kinda popular at that time.
  17. Any idea who is in his band now? He's playing a Minnesota festival in September so I wonder if he'll only be covering GNR songs.
  18. I think Lost Boys formed from the ashes of Odin who were a huge draw on the Sunset Strip in the early days (see Decline of Western Civilization the Metal Years) so they likely secured a deal based on that fact alone. Love Crying Out like most of you. The rest not so much.
  19. Never heard of Twenty Ten before now. Listened to Crutch. Production is top notch and the musicianship and vocals are bang on. I even don't mind the song on its own but hearing about Cry Wolf reuniting for new material all these years later, I would have been majorly disappointed by their approach as well. Any differences between the s/t japan release and Crunch to warrant buying one over the other or owning both?
  20. How cool is this thread? Thanks Howdy. Keep 'em coming everyone!
  21. Slamer did do most of the session work for DRFSR but Joey Allen also brought in his former guitar teacher to play on it as well and I believe he ripped a few solos that were used on it. Like Geoff, I prefer Allen's own work on the follow up albums.
  22. Torien still sounds great live, at least he did at the HOB show in Las Vegas in fall of 2018. I'm looking forward to hearing what the band come up with together.
  23. For non Honeymoon fans (and to them I say; how dare you! Lol); I doubt this is gonna sway you so I wouldn't bother listening at all. But for new listeners and HS fans alike; do check it out. Not getting the NSYNC vibe HH is, but they're his ears and he is certainly entitled to digest this tune the way he hears it. Love it. Add it to a full length and get on the road. Crazy good live act btw.
  24. What Kind of Love is This? Orphan or Streetheart cover? Anyone know?
  25. I believe other than this song, the rest is covers of Canadian acts from the 70s, 80s. I recognize song titles from Prism, Red Rider, Orphan, Headpins, Harlequin, and Rush. I really like this song and have always liked Kerns' vocals dating back to Age of Electric. I was really hoping Slash was gonna go with him as lead vocalist instead of Kennedy in his solo project. No doubting Kennedy's talent, just prefer Kerns.
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