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  1. Great song from a great band! And Insane is bang on. Father time wins out everytime.
  2. shamus


    You would be far less irritable and frustrated if you just came to the realization that you are incapable of understanding the grand design. Also, if you accept the fact that life is not and will not ever be fair, you'd find yourself less disappointed over the course of it. But why care about someone else's belief system at all? Should positivity be considered a character flaw? And why would you want to muddy a kick ass music site like this one with such a polarizing topic, anyway?
  3. Preordered. I believe there are two links to order. North America and the rest of the world.
  4. Wasn't Parrish in Atomic Punks briefly?
  5. Eyes is my fave project from the super productive JSS. Why isn't Frontiers asking those guys to reunite for a proper follow up to their self titled debut?
  6. Is Sid Fletcher from Roxy Blue a possible candidate? Curious to hear other opinions on him.
  7. Hey Alpha. This link doesn't appear to be working. Is there another one?
  8. Weird. You promote an album of demos by releasing a song that won't even be on it? I like it and think it's tremendously idiotic to omit it.
  9. Thanks for sharing this. Will be looking into it.
  10. Autograph Jr. I believe Plunkett cowrote every song, produced and did backing vocals and Rich Cox even sounds like him at times. Great album! No Plunkett around for their second cd and it shows. Hair bands were out and they adjusted their sound. Nonetheless I still love the song Crushin Velvet on album #2.
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