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  1. shamus

    Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: EYES - "Eyes"

    My favorite JSS project by a mile. Not sure why Soto is so dead set against doing something with the self titled lineup. Surely Frontiers has suggested it by now.
  2. shamus

    Reece - Resilient Heart

    I actually like the two songs and will likely pick the album up based on what I hear here. I hate to riff on anyone's creativity but I have to agree with Geoff; that video is just plain bad!
  3. shamus

    Steve Perry - Traces

    Great song. A lot of people are bitching about it not being the next "insert favorite Journey/Steve Perry solo track here". That's their problem. I'm just happy to hear him on a new album...period!
  4. shamus

    Robby Valentine - The Alliance

    Love it. Just need to find a retailer with it reasonably priced. Amazon Canada wants $49.98.
  5. shamus

    Mr. Big/Extreme

  6. shamus

    Enuff Z'Nuff - Diamond Boy

    I like it. Reminds me of a 70s rock outfit I can't recall the name of. Would be very satisfied if the rest of this release was at least as good as this single.
  7. shamus

    Mr. Big/Extreme

    How'd you like Midnight Express live? Nuno is a god!! I saw their Porno 25th anniversary tour at a club in Minneapolis and they were over the top amazing!! Mr Big is on my bucket list. I'll settle for the Eric Martin Band though. Love his voice and honestly feel he is what separates that band from others.
  8. NIce happy sound. Gonna see if I can sample the rest of the album at Itunes. Like Desirae the best of these 3.
  9. Why not? Do they have a live release I'm unaware of? If so, then I'm with Alpha. But if it's their first, go for it. However, if you say two "new" tracks at least make it two new tracks.
  10. shamus

    Jacob Deraps - Fuck Off

    Yea. Get this dude in a real band. Don't think the vocals are that bad (maybe a little thin on the power scale) and I actually think they are the best thing about this tune. No doubt he can shred but this song is way too busy and not catchy at all.
  11. shamus

    Lee Aaron - Diamond baby blues

    She used to live across the street from me and was a play mate of my older brother's. Moved away long before becoming Lee Aaron but kinda cool anyway.
  12. Where transactions involving big money rarities are concerned, each party should be covering their asses at both ends insuring the contents for what they are worth should they be lost and safely shipping with tracking that proves they have been delivered to the proper party. That should have been worked out before finalizing the deal. This 5 for 3 deal is obviously worth a significant amount of money for both players involved so I can see how panic might cloud someone's judgement if they felt they were in jeopardy of losing out one way or another. Do I want someone smearing me every chance they get? Hell no. But that doesn't give anyone the green light to cut off all correspondence with the dude. My two cents: Cut the guy some slack. He's worried about being screwed out of major coin here. You got the discs he promised you. Take every step you have to, to make sure your part of the deal is lived up to.
  13. shamus

    Steel Panther Bonus Tracks

    Thanks Howdy.
  14. shamus

    Steel Panther Bonus Tracks

    Thanks Glen.
  15. Does anyone have a list of what bonus tracks Steel Panther has issued during their career? Greatly appreciated.

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