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  1. Physical release in the plans or strictly download?
  2. Exactly. You know what you're getting from AC/DC; the same thing we've come to love for the past 40+ years.
  3. I suspect zac and I are roughly the same age and yea, Im proud to be Canadian. I remember every show Darkstone references fondly 'cept the Beachcombers. Hated it as a kid. Most of my friends had American cable but my best friend and I had what was mocked as Canadian cable; 3 channels CBC, CTV, CKND and a French version of CBC so we endured some pretty weak programming. While everyone was wolfing down their sugar cereal in front of Saturday morning cartoons we were watching: The Mighty Hercules, Rocket Robin Hood, The New Adventures of Pinocchio and Tales of the Wizard of Oz. Sea
  4. Sass is class. I agree. Hard to top this tribute. If she posts a follow up, I'd appreciate if someone posts it here. I had heard she had met with Van Halen but I'd love to hear the intimate details of what transpired between them.
  5. Great read. Thanks for the info. Will investigate further.
  6. Would love to hear the history you are referring to if you care to share it again. So Sleaze and the alternate version of Money are the only differences from the compact disc?
  7. RIP Gerald. A class act man. A class act band. The music he created within Brighton Rock still gives me goosebumps and he had one of the most recognizable voices on the planet. I feel very fortunate to have seen them play live for the first time in 2017. Gerald addressed the crowd immediately after belting out a flawless version of One More Try; "I bet you all were saying, I wonder if he can still hit those high notes?" Yup. Amazing!
  8. To advance the ball with a lateral, the player passing it really needs to sell the fact he is going to keep it on his own. That involves lateraling at the last possible moment and exposing himself to a high velocity violent hit for his efforts. It is used to advance the ball consistently and to great effect in elite flag football and touch football as there is no risk of being mowed down by a defender. I suspect another reason we don't see laterals in the NFL is because of how situational the game is itself. There seems to be a unit of 11 players specially designed for every imaginab
  9. shamus


    "Your being personally offended doesn't mean others have to change their behavior. You have the choice to go somewhere else." This statement had me slightly worried before your clarification above as it sounded as if it was fine for anyone to personally attack another member on this board for their skin tone, sexual preferences, nationality etc. and they could either like it, lump it or leave. I always make a point to read your posts HH as they are consistently very well thought out and always well written. I trust that you will regulate accordingly and your follow up statement abo
  10. The University of North Dakota Fightin Sioux went through a similar controversy and subsequently changed their team name to the Fighting Hawks a few years back. I found this to be much ado about nothing. While I'm admittedly whiter than the screen you're reading this on, I still fail to see how the name Fightin Sioux is a derogatory moniker. And if it is, why is nobody leading the charge to have the University of Notre Dame do away with the name of their sporting department; the Fightin Irish? The Washington Redskins case is more obvious to me. While not universally recognized as a r
  11. Careful when you are seeking them out as there is another Dirty Honey, I think from North Carolina. None of this singer's groove at all, so make sure you are checking out the right band if you choose to do so.
  12. Thanks for the reminder. One of my favorite bands. Really looking forward to reading it.
  13. Friend just turned me onto them three days ago. Love the singer's vocals. Read somewhere they were the first band to top the charts (who knows which chart and which category) as an unsigned band. Can't understand why no one has signed them yet. Cool name. Cool look. Cool bar room blues rock sound.
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