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  1. Torien still sounds great live, at least he did at the HOB show in Las Vegas in fall of 2018. I'm looking forward to hearing what the band come up with together.
  2. For non Honeymoon fans (and to them I say; how dare you! Lol); I doubt this is gonna sway you so I wouldn't bother listening at all. But for new listeners and HS fans alike; do check it out. Not getting the NSYNC vibe HH is, but they're his ears and he is certainly entitled to digest this tune the way he hears it. Love it. Add it to a full length and get on the road. Crazy good live act btw.
  3. What Kind of Love is This? Orphan or Streetheart cover? Anyone know?
  4. I believe other than this song, the rest is covers of Canadian acts from the 70s, 80s. I recognize song titles from Prism, Red Rider, Orphan, Headpins, Harlequin, and Rush. I really like this song and have always liked Kerns' vocals dating back to Age of Electric. I was really hoping Slash was gonna go with him as lead vocalist instead of Kennedy in his solo project. No doubting Kennedy's talent, just prefer Kerns.
  5. No need to close your eyes. With the blond hair and goatee, Poole kinda resembles Chad? I fucking loved their debut! People love to say Want Some? was a perfect example of why the genre died/was killed off. I disagree completely. I think they were literally the last band who got it exactly right. High energy, fun as hell, great sound, great look etc. No, they didn't reinvent the genre but damn did they replicate it to perfection and put forth some kick ass sunset strip style bombast! Like Geoff, I hear a little Buckcherry in the first single and maybe even latter day Warrior Soul. I like it but it is so different from Want. I love this second single. Once again, not how we woulda expected a Want Some? follow up to sound but super catchy to these ears. Download the 714 power ballad World Breaks Down if you want to hear Todd Poole a little closer to the Want Some? album. Great song.
  6. I loved the last one. Are the vocals any worse on this one?
  7. They still sound great live so I have my fingers crossed this will sound decent enough.
  8. My favorite JSS project by a mile. Not sure why Soto is so dead set against doing something with the self titled lineup. Surely Frontiers has suggested it by now.
  9. I actually like the two songs and will likely pick the album up based on what I hear here. I hate to riff on anyone's creativity but I have to agree with Geoff; that video is just plain bad!
  10. Great song. A lot of people are bitching about it not being the next "insert favorite Journey/Steve Perry solo track here". That's their problem. I'm just happy to hear him on a new album...period!
  11. Love it. Just need to find a retailer with it reasonably priced. Amazon Canada wants $49.98.
  12. I like it. Reminds me of a 70s rock outfit I can't recall the name of. Would be very satisfied if the rest of this release was at least as good as this single.
  13. How'd you like Midnight Express live? Nuno is a god!! I saw their Porno 25th anniversary tour at a club in Minneapolis and they were over the top amazing!! Mr Big is on my bucket list. I'll settle for the Eric Martin Band though. Love his voice and honestly feel he is what separates that band from others.
  14. NIce happy sound. Gonna see if I can sample the rest of the album at Itunes. Like Desirae the best of these 3.
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