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  1. darin

    Danger - s/t

    I'm loving this album. Will make my top five this year.
  2. Eli - Sacred Ground New Tattoo - S/T Dust Bowl Jokies - Cockaigne Vaudville Twenty Dark Seven - Roar Stop Stop! - Join The Party Prizoner - Voodoo Elegantly Wasted - The Dog Years Seventh Veil - White Trash Attitude
  3. Hell in The Club - Devil On My Shoulder Crazy Lixx - S/T Crash Midnight - Lost In The City
  4. Chrome Mollie - All Or Nuthin' Slash - World On Fire Midnight Sin - Sex First Sister Sin - Black Lotus Chaotic Resemblance - Get The Hell Out Christeen - Resurrection Beggars Fixx - Rouse The Rabble Rated X - S/T
  5. STANDING Alone - White Wolf
  6. That album cover can throw you off. I would never have gave this a look based on the album cover. Thanks for sharing. Will have to hunt a copy down.
  7. Stand By For PAIN - Widowmaker
  8. Agreed. This is the thread that kept me coming back and finally becoming a member of this great community.
  9. Like the song. Thanks for sharing.
  10. New album Black Lotus due October 27. First single:
  11. ALIVE In A Mad World - Jailhouse
  12. Tesla - Simplicity Falling Red - Empire Of The Damned Dokken - Under Lock & Key
  13. Fire and LOVE - Guardian
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