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what do you call it?

66 mustang

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I call it "stone cold munchin'" or "Gittin yo' eat on."

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Us midwesterners....Lunch is dinner and dinner is supper.


I've lived most of my life in the midwest(Illinois/Indiana/Missouri) and have always called Lunch "Lunch" but sometimes people in my family(my mom) will call Dinner "Supper" where others will just say "Dinner".

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Dinner, always.


I've never really heard the term 'Supper' used in real life and Tea is a term I only ever hear around really old people.

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We call it lunch and supper, although several people around here refer to supper as dinner. And my wife and I call soda "pop", but my kids still call it "soda" because that's what it was called when we lived in Arizona.

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