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  1. ROCK 'N' ROLL REBELS & THE SUNSET STRIP 'Volume One' to be released by Eonian Records. Pre-Order is available. Release Date: March 24, 2015 QUICK FACTS: 36 bands 72 re-mastered, original studio recordings 4 hours and 51 minutes of music Majority of the 72 studio recordings have never been previously released and were meant primarily for the ears of recording industry giants in an effort to be signed 13 page “Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebels: Sunset Strip Certified” narrated by JohnnyX of The Wild and Adam Gifford of Paradise, both well-known bands on the Sunset Strip 60-page color booklet 36 pages
  2. The "....75 ready to go" is the alarming part. Does that mean MBM already has the stock? If they do, they won't just eat 75 titles worth. I predict they will just not sell Melodic Rock Records' Alias release and carry on with the rest. Always happens with this type of shady business. The "What a band doesn't know, won't hurt them." mentality.
  3. Yes. Meant the full list that will be offered in a staggered lot of 25/month. I would assume the full lot exists already. OH!!! That is the full list. Oops!
  4. Anyone have a full list of the Hard Rock Diamonds catalogue yet? I'm really curious what other surprises are in there.
  5. Rocktober Blood. Rubbish '80s Metal movie. Also tried to watch Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park and turned that off after about 15 minutes. Couldn't get through that.
  6. SISTER caught my eye as well. Metal Blade Records or whatever label they are on now would release that before a Brazil label who presses CD-Rs.
  7. hahah. Crazy kids! Babymetal is some corporate band making millions. They announced a European tour. LOL I'll be sure to go. No. The girls a pretty fucking annoying but the music is good. I'll make up for the pain caused by this pseudo-band with the band Jupiter. http://youtu.be/WT2wElDO8qY
  8. Yes. Those are just bootlegs as you are thinking and someone has already said. The reason is because some of those bands I know and would not release their music ever in that format. Some do not even want to think about the bands anymore. I'll let the bands I am familiar with know about this nonsense. Also, I'll believe that the guy is from Brazil when I see it. For now it smells awfully funny.
  9. Rock Candy should release Alleycat Scratch in five different rearranged track versions and different covers. Then do a Best Of.
  10. AlphaMale knows great music. Already a fan. Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Elvis, The Beatles, King Diamond, Limp Bizkit. Blah. Babymetal 4 Life!!!
  11. Anyone like this band? They are better than Steel Panther... IMHO.
  12. Nope. Still around. Have one finished and working on a project that is taking a lot of work to get out. (Can't say anything about that one yet. ). About to start on more releases also.
  13. What are the music sites people use besides eBay, GEMM, Musicstack, Amazon to sell CDs for themselves? (Not major music shops that are online)
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