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  1. Widda

    Two versions of Great White?

    rick, we were at the same concert me thinks.
  2. Widda

    Who sings this song!

    "Love Song" By Tesla
  3. Widda

    New Smilies!

    wtf is with the signature pic?
  4. Widda


    Kiss me softly ....can't remember what CD it is on.
  5. Widda

    Patting myself on the back

    we were very worried about you for a while. glad to hear things are on the up and up.
  6. Widda

    Another grail for my soundtrack collection

    Picked up a zip of him singing a couple songs from rich girl.
  7. Widda

    The New Nelson Album

    first concert i ever went to. pushed a fellow 12 year old out of the way to catch a guitar pick. they are still hot as fuck!....likin the song!
  8. Widda

    Quiet Riot to return with new vocalist

    big shoes to fill indeed.
  9. HI babe!....indeed a long time no see!...kisses !

  10. Long time no see, babe!

    Hugs, Thomas

  11. No problemo. Maybe you should e-mail Jack Russell some pix of you in your American flag halter top. Y'know, just to make him feel better. the rhythm guitarist...i think his name is michael lardie...kept winking at me.
  12. WOOOWWW!...that is major major!...thanks for the 411 keef!...He did NOT look well in sturgis.
  13. Widda

    Bucky Covington covers Nickleback

    for pete sake..his name is BUCKY!

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