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Favorite "I" Band

"I" Bands  

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Here we go, the "I's" have it. Who's your favorite "I" band? As always, write-ins welcome, because even though I know everything, I can't always think of everything at the exact moment I need to. It's a curse I've learned to live with, but one of the side affects is that your favorite band might not be listed.


I cast my vote for Impellitteri. His Rob Rock-fronted albums are superb examples of blistering melodic metal that still manages to be catchy at the same time. My runners-up would be Idle Cure and Icon.


Now that "I" have had my say, what say you?

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This isn't fair Maiden will absolutely win in a landslide. I voted for Iced Earth just because, I feel they deserve at least one vote for copying much of their great sound from the legend that is IRON MAIDEN!!! OK, so I ended up voting for my number 2 out of pity.

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Once again, didn't even have to look @ the list... IRON MAIDEN of course.


Iced Earth would be my numero dos, and Iron Savior would be a (distant) numero tres.

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Inside Out and Intuition are probably my 2 favourite Indie bands out of the entire lot from the mid-90's... well, they'd both be in the top 5 (with Zero and Hotboy). Inside Out released 2 near-flawless albums, but Intuition released that one perfect slab of melodic rock that is 'Turn it on'... so I have to go with them, just slighlty over Inside Out.


To be honest, aside from Icon, I have no interest in the other bands on this list. :( I, O and Q were always pretty dismal letters imo.

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