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  1. Really liked their last album. Good band.
  2. Why not? Plenty of bands where there are no original members any more. Most have lineup changes. Would put a quite few people's noses out but an official franchised band , why not? I think I'd prefer that to a lot of the trash being put out now. Theater productions do this and you've got 'Blue Man Group' who is half band , half theater production.
  3. Coverdale's voice has been shot for a good while now. He's been one of the greats, clearly, but time catches up. A 'backing' singer might not be a bad plan. As for bands going on. Nobody flinches an eyelid about their sports teams doing that. They still get followed and we reminisce about the old players. Why not do it with music? So much great music is about to potentially never get played again. The 60s and 70s heros will all be gone soon.
  4. One where you maybe just want to think of her as a different artist. I enjoyed the last album and I'm enjoying this.
  5. There's a very good reason to try and forget them.
  6. Never thought of Freak Of Nature as grunge.
  7. Like's a good whinge every once in a while about YouTube, Apple etc etc but awesome videos.
  8. Gun's an interesting one. The telephone number album terrible because of that but then they learned their lesson. First Status Quo album very very different from what they became. Genesis changed multiple times. Whitesnake's move from a blues band to more glam in 87.
  9. Very close to what I would have. For sure Rock City Angels would be in there for me. I'd probably swap Bad Aimals with Heart but they were both amazing albums. I'm also a big fan of the Bad English.
  10. Hit's all the right spots for me. Great album.
  11. I'm on a short holiday so in the same position. My most anticipated album of the year and loved everything I've heard so far.
  12. PeterS


    There's research that shows when abortion came in 15-20 years later there was a drop in crime in the USA.
  13. Lordy this lot are banging them out. Last one comfortably their best, IMO.
  14. PeterS


    I think he was just trying to find a topic less polarising that Trump. Might not have been the best choice.
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