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  1. Lebrock mentioned on these pages and absolutely love it. I've then noticed a fair few other posts about Synthwave. What's worth listening to of this genre?
  2. I should be for the vaccine. I really want to be able to trust it and generally I'm very pro vaccines. Problem is the money involved is huge and there's national prestige in the mix as well. When you see day on day news coming in with each vaccine claiming 1 or 2 percent better efficacy and then look at the sample sizes it doesn't leave me feeling super comfortable we're doing full due diligence. I really hope my fears are unfounded and I suspect by the time I'd be likely to get it there will be a lot more data in to allay my fears. So right now I sit firmly on the fence. I wouldn't
  3. It'll get spun again. For sure not dreadful. Well , except one ballad that immediately annoyed me.
  4. Not sure whether to try this or not. I'm actually more worried it might have redeeming features.
  5. Ted Cruz seems to be doing everything he can to look like the next in line.
  6. Yep. Murdoch’s involved with a lot of it in most of the ‘developed’ world. https://www.businessinsider.com/fox-news-ratings-most-watched-channel-summer-2020-primetime-2020-9?r=DE&IR=T And there’s no such thing as American culture otherwise you wouldn’t be in the middle of a culture war.
  7. Lebrock I’m a little confused about. So I’m listening to them a lot at the moment. Love it. But it’s electronic or retro electronic or something like that isn’t it? Do we classify it as HH approved ? Whole world of similar stuff keeping me entertained right now. The joys of lockdown and YouTube.
  8. Mmmm. Really . Let’s think a out that for a second. Who owns a lot of the media . I’ll give you a little clue . Australian born.
  9. There’s been lot that disappointed but maybe I don’t give things as Many chances as I used to. Smackdown 20/20 one I’ve really enjoyed
  10. We can now get back to Brexit and the joy of Cummings going.
  11. To see how an illusion works you have to step outside the illusion. We may we’ll be the most likely to be objective on the topic.
  12. He uses well formed English. Won’t work.
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