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  1. Wow. Really shocked by this. Tumultuous life and a huge part of the scene back in the day, clearly. RIP.
  2. I gave it one more go. A few decent tracks in there but it's just not doing it for me.
  3. It's not. But it's good.
  4. Wasn't overwhelmed on my couple of spins. Needs some lips and hips.
  5. Good luck with that. More happy Lawyers.
  6. He should donate a load to the government, and they should start making decisions based on pillow fights.
  7. Listening to it now. You'll be shocked to discover it's got hints of Tora Tora and other bands in that direction. Sounds pretty good on first spin , no new ground broken here but the formula is good.
  8. Well what a farce this was. They really fucked up by not paying a big donation to the Tory party first.
  9. Drugs, mental health or both? Absolutely way off the deep end this guy. The time to put up or shut up was ages ago. He's in a lot of trouble. And now his 'Frank' where you can say anything you want as long as it's within his definition of free speech. So no taking the lords name in vain or swearing. What a complete moron.
  10. My two called it Opa(Grandpa) rock already a decade ago. Eldest does like some stuff but it's mainly things that have been in games.
  11. Country has never had any real impact in the UK. Couple of hits here and there, In Germany there's a band called Boss Hoss who sort of do country and are very successful.
  12. US I'd expect , indeed I bet it's way higher there. Didn't think the UK market had gone that way so much.
  13. Fifth of all songs streamed in UK in 2020 were rap and hip hop - BBC News Personally I find this pretty depressing news. Very little rap I like, Public Enemy and some of the harder edge stuff but mainly it's dreadful. World's going down, I say.
  14. Yep. All organised religion ends up being base evil as it's used by those craving power to manipulate the masses. Religion and politics need to be kept waaaay apart.
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