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  1. OOhhhh. That's one to look forward to.
  2. Just seen this on another thread. Yep. Best Tora Tora output since their debut.
  3. I'm hearing Whitesnake and Dio. Quite enjoyed the first few spins this morning. Some of the Whitesnake similarities are a little close for comfort but I suppose he has a right to that?
  4. PeterS


    And when we were kids there was a fraction of the money on the planet there is now. Turns out money really does grow on trees .
  5. PeterS


    Little secret. Money doesn't really exist. It's all a delicately balanced illusion that's about to be heavily challenged.
  6. Took a while to find it but does seem to be the 'Hot Tonight' Lionheart? Think I'd advertise that more as that was a great album.
  7. PeterS


    They may have sneakily got us all to sign up. Seems if you eat at a restaurant or go to a biergarten you'll have to register. Well that'll be everybody from Monday when it's allowed again!
  8. RIP. Really enjoyed his work. Thanks for some great vocals.
  9. The problem is that manufacturing is in a large part going to automation. And China is no longer the low cost centre it was. It's too late. Big companies looking to the next low cost centres. I can tell you salary inflation in Shenzhen runs at 8 or 10 percent , maybe more. I know people who have to move every year or so further and further away from the centre as rents are increasing at stupid rate as well. If you think Manufacturing is going to come back to the US in huge amounts because of what he's going you're very wrong. Not going to happen. What might happen is more sub assembly finishing as many markets moving to more tailored finishing with standard components allowing for speedy delivery to market. I was shocked when I went. China's supposed to be communist? Well it's not. It's a single party capitalistic bear-pit. Great Dim Sum though. The problem with China is/was intellectual property. They're shocking and that does need standing up against.
  10. PeterS


    Boy doctor locker room talk.
  11. PeterS


    It's like football/soccer fans. If you're a fan of a particular team the referee is always bias , your player who hacks down the opposition player from behind was innocent and the oppositions pies aren't as good as your home pies and the governing body is bias against you. (Difficult analogy for the Americans perhaps but I bet your home hotdogs are better?)
  12. PeterS


    He's probably not helped by having a very small word pool. Whatever he tries to sell about himself he's not the smartest. Good sales, stay away from technical. But he can't stop himself. Top draw entertainment in a car crash type of way but leave the smarts to the smarts. If you want a negotiation then send him in.
  13. PeterS


    To be fair. You've got to think given his behaviour in the 80s he was responsible for a fair spread of sexual diseases.
  14. PeterS


    He could set the tone there somewhat better ?
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