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  1. Now this is a fun album. Played it a few times this morning and really liking it.
  2. If China really do go after Taiwan things will get challenging for a while but , like Russia in the Crimea, it's probably not worth the fight. The future battles will be over rights to water as rivers dry up from overuse higher up and rising sea levels causing people to need to move. Look to India, Pakistan and China. Who gets pulled in , anybody's guess.
  3. The end result of winning capitalism is dictatorship. Middle the best place to be .
  4. What do you think socialism is? Democrats in the USA really isn’t left on a world stage.
  5. Your 'left' Democrat government is right of a lot of 'right' parties in other countries. Hard to compare.
  6. Yep. Fully dreadful. Get to fuck. But the chicks loved it.
  7. PeterS

    Cricket !

    It's daft because there will be a huge amount of investment and then they'll end up cancelling.
  8. PeterS

    Cricket !

    The number of sports people who've got Covid has always been way above other groups statistically and you can trace back any number of higher incident rates around Europe and the UK to sporting events. The recent end of the India tour was hardly a surprise , though I do suspect in no small part due to the players wanting their IPL payday. Just not the right time to play this tournament the way they're planning. Is there any plan for spectators?
  9. Good to hear. Will load it up in the morning.
  10. Woopsy. Didn't see where to put the link to my user. Anyways after all these years I suspect not a problem.
  11. Loads better song than Absurd. Proper G n R feel to it.
  12. Funny. Read this thread after listening to it a few times and thinking I've heard everything on it before. I think the problem is his sound is so distinctive and he never goes away from that formula. Basically what Geoff predicted. Bored of it already.
  13. What?!, band that you are excited about a release and they deliver. Enjoyed the first few spins and will be spinning it many more times , I'm sure.
  14. Perhaps too soon. Though the best/worst pub quiz name this week was 'There's never a good time to pull out'.
  15. Why I was right to support this terrible tragedy, by every MP | The Daily Mash View from the UK's version of the onion.
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