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  1. New Album . The Truth Ain't What It Used to Be - just released. I kind of liked it , on first listed. There's a subtle political message in there somewhere as well.
  2. Yup. Pretty well everything he does basically sounds the same. So we can basically recycle the comments from the last album. Never bad. Never amazing.
  3. Really hope this one is a grower as after a couple of spins it's just a plodder with not a lot to make me want to listen too many times. Missing a certain spark.
  4. It's a broad church. I saw Me first and the gimme gimme's the other day who claim to be 'punk' and they were awesome.
  5. Really sad to read this. Saw Shy back in 90 and they really should have been bigger than they were. Always seemed a very decent guy and his grace at the end confirms those thoughts. R.I.P.
  6. Seems we're all growing old disgracefully together.
  7. Ended up listening to this a lot this week.One of the best of the year, for me.
  8. Who likes Inglorious? Seem to remember they've been pretty well universally panned. What was that female vocalist that you could use to keep dogs at bay some liked? Something to do with somebody in Vega?
  9. White Widdow :-) Never got Dangerous Toys. Toto. Though as I've mellowed I do accept they have a coupe of good tracks. I'd add to the Judas Priest. Never got any understanding of why people like them and walked out after three songs when I tried to watch them after Whitesnake opened for them.
  10. Still listening to their first one this week and still really liking it.
  11. Downloading now. Hadn't spotted it had dropped. Edit: That voice. So much emotion. Very impressive first listen.
  12. Right. Been listening today and I quite like it but given it seems to have been released in February that line really confused me.
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