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  1. Nominations aren't announced so what happens is a politician who made the nomination 'leaks' that they did it. Means diddly squat. If any of us were in a position to we could nominate leykis101 and leak it.
  2. Nice. Loved their last album. That's not the best song they've done though. Confident there must be better on the album.
  3. Posted this on the youtube thread but maybe more appropriate here. His ability to find some of my favourite songs and enhance them is uncanny. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT9MbF7mq2OjGB7tsSRY12g
  4. https://www.youtube.com/c/HollywoodScream This site keeping me amused right now. Great choice of music.
  5. That's sad news. A really important musician for me. Waysted and Fastway bands I still listen to RIP
  6. The best country in the world myth is used as a political tool to make people think all is well and you're better here than anywhere else in the world. USA has this exceptionalism culture in politics and us brits have always had it too. Plenty of others use it. Are they bad countries to live in? Certainly not. Best in the world? No metric shows that. Same with the 'land of opportunity'. A myth perpetuated to make people work hard. Reality remains that the most surefire way of being successful is having a rich father.
  7. New tools though. Social media and 24 'news' where most of the news is opinion. It could, and is, argued Hitler was the first to really unleash the power of propaganda through radio. Trump is the first to master social media for propaganda purposes. Youtube channels now in the mix as well. They will take over from talk radio, I suspect.
  8. Why do you think this is a US Topic? The media globally does this. But it's not just the media, politicians lie, and they seem to be getting worse. Then there is the close relationship between the media and the politicians. There needs to be separation between the Media and the politicians. You can't have media moguls (Murdoch and others) paying politicians and then 'reporting' on them in any objective way, The swift move between radio/tv host and politician should not be allowed. See this a lot in both the UK and US. These people know what they're doing. Add to that the polit
  9. Where I live it’s quite likely to be cows .
  10. That's what the IRA once rolled into the middle of Manchester (UK) in a lorry and blew up the city center. I was there the day after. Mindblowing the devastation. Who'd store that much in one place knowing what it does if it's set off?
  11. PeterS


    Anywhere restrictions are lifted the figures will rise. Now holiday season and a general drop in discipline it will happen everywhere. UK figures also climbing but really important to precede any comment about UK figures with an inference it might be johnny foreigners fault. The reality is the dance between trying to keep things as open as possible but not overwhelming health services is pretty well impossible.
  12. Yep. Not forgotten. Absolutely love this one and still spin it occasionally.
  13. PeterS


    That one I'm not sure on. I'm not a fan of military bases in other countries. And I know as a Brit we're all over the world as well. That said with Putin clearly trying to weaken the west it's probably not the right time for this move.
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