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  1. Absolutely. Though might be interesting to hear Le Bon cover a Ratt song :-)
  2. Adds nothing , only makes it worse. It's like a latter day Faster Pussycat cover. Does make one appreciate Simon Le Bon's voice.
  3. Similar feelings. Though I disagree about 'shades of his voice'. He's reigned it in a bit. Always annoyed me that he could clearly sing but would over sing. Constantly trying to show how great his voice is. This time it's more understated and the songs seem to be doing the work more. Going to give this one a really good go. On paper this band should be in my sweet spot but the singer always annoyed me so I never really listened to them.
  4. Wow. That must have been amazing. Absolutely one of my favourite albums of all time and I come back to it often. I'm a Believer one of my top few songs as well. Not a bad video of it here.... Giant - I'm A Believer - YouTube
  5. Not quite top 10 but certainly one of my all time favorite albums. Played it to death.
  6. Sold that album last year . Big favorite of mine and saw them live .
  7. More sleeze than glam. This thread got this one running through my head.
  8. Two of my favourites. Both from amazing albums and neither band came anywhere close with their other works.
  9. Fabulous band at the start. Their last album wasn't too bad either. No idea what the rift was. Saw them in a pub when they first came out in 89 and was blown away. Got a bootleg of that show.
  10. Check for pictures with Epstein.
  11. Just posted on their Facebook page the latest work is completed. Must be coming soon!
  12. Guy in a Chewbacca bikini was my favourite description so far.
  13. What I don't get is that the country with the largest military on the planet had their centre of government overrun by the extras from an episode of The Purge in under two hours.
  14. So just got up to find 4 dead from this. FFS.
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