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  1. Now this is a fun album. Played it a few times this morning and really liking it.
  2. If China really do go after Taiwan things will get challenging for a while but , like Russia in the Crimea, it's probably not worth the fight. The future battles will be over rights to water as rivers dry up from overuse higher up and rising sea levels causing people to need to move. Look to India, Pakistan and China. Who gets pulled in , anybody's guess.
  3. The end result of winning capitalism is dictatorship. Middle the best place to be .
  4. What do you think socialism is? Democrats in the USA really isn’t left on a world stage.
  5. Your 'left' Democrat government is right of a lot of 'right' parties in other countries. Hard to compare.
  6. Yep. Fully dreadful. Get to fuck. But the chicks loved it.
  7. PeterS

    Cricket !

    It's daft because there will be a huge amount of investment and then they'll end up cancelling.
  8. PeterS

    Cricket !

    The number of sports people who've got Covid has always been way above other groups statistically and you can trace back any number of higher incident rates around Europe and the UK to sporting events. The recent end of the India tour was hardly a surprise , though I do suspect in no small part due to the players wanting their IPL payday. Just not the right time to play this tournament the way they're planning. Is there any plan for spectators?
  9. Good to hear. Will load it up in the morning.
  10. Woopsy. Didn't see where to put the link to my user. Anyways after all these years I suspect not a problem.
  11. Loads better song than Absurd. Proper G n R feel to it.
  12. Funny. Read this thread after listening to it a few times and thinking I've heard everything on it before. I think the problem is his sound is so distinctive and he never goes away from that formula. Basically what Geoff predicted. Bored of it already.
  13. What?!, band that you are excited about a release and they deliver. Enjoyed the first few spins and will be spinning it many more times , I'm sure.
  14. Perhaps too soon. Though the best/worst pub quiz name this week was 'There's never a good time to pull out'.
  15. Why I was right to support this terrible tragedy, by every MP | The Daily Mash View from the UK's version of the onion.
  16. 500 years. It's an absolute disaster for women there.
  17. It never used to be this bad. I think it may have reached the point it's worse talking about politics than religion. Not sure I can put it down to one particular thing but I suspect the advent of 24 hour 'news' where opinion is promoted as news and then social media down to a lot of it. We're increasingly living in bubbles and not even able to hear others opinions. It's tearing friendships and families apart.
  18. Seems everybody surprised by the speed of the collapse. Got to be devastating if you're a soldier injured in the conflict, or lost a loved one, and now see it worth absolutely nothing.
  19. All for Capitalism. Just with some regulation to try and control the excesses. Still don't get the generational money arguments if you believe in 'hard work' bringing rewards. Tax inheritance high. Make them also work and if they are good the rewards come, right? The reality is the greatest indication of how successful you'll be in life is the income of your father. That seems wrong to me.
  20. Would be good if it wouldn't be down to party sniping. Huge mistakes from day one and this hot potato has been thrown back and forth for 20 years. Ultimately the US , and allies , fucked up. To the rest of the world it's the US not any president. Let's not forget who started this. Was left and right parties from the US and UK.
  21. Dude, learn how paragraphs work. :-) TLDNR as it stands.
  22. I have problems with generational wealth and don't see how those who believe in 'hard work' support it. You think rich kids work hard? All I'd like to see is a system where your 'work' is fairly rewarded but opportunity is there for all and the best do rise to the top. Always remembering you're a day away from a really bad day and having a society that will be there for you if it happens to you is in your own best interests. There are rich freeloaders and poor. Can't get away from it. Not having a good fair society that supports all always stuck me as dumb as you're ultimately hurting yourself as you're part of that society. There are reasons the social democratic countries lead the happiness indexes. Give me good roads , clean environment, education, safe society where I can go out alone at night with no worries , etc over some dog eat dog society any day. Probably why I like living in Germany so much. We do pretty well economically as well.
  23. Need is the mother of invention. Once you have too much then you probably won’t put too much effort in Police, Military, Teachers etc etc part of a social system. Should they be done away with?
  24. Where's the proof of that? Wealthy isn't the middle class. They are the ones driving the economy though consumption. I'd actually be curious to see stats on the number of 'wealth creators' who moved because of the various governments. I'm not an advocate of either full on capitalism or socialism. The extremes both have huge problems.
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