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  1. Wow; Love At First Sting ran away with it; that's what I picked. Fantastic album; a classic for sure.
  2. Backed, great trader! Same here; just did a trade with Dahun72 and it went perfectly; thanks again John!
  3. I chose: 1. Defenders Of the Faith (was a tough one to decide but this one wins for me) 2. Priest.....Live! 3. None; it wasn't Priest without Rob! (I actually never really listened to any Priest with Ripper) 4. Yngwie Malmsteen - Perpetual Flame 5. Fight - War of Words
  4. Wow, what a resurrection! Looks like "Heaven's on Fire" here at Heavy Hearmonies. I chose that one too.
  5. What do you mean by experimenting? I don't hear any of that. You might also enjoy Rebel Soul and Strike X. The weird wah lead/intro on "Home babe"; also the backing vocals in the chorus is kind of weird; "Tonmeister" also come to mind when I meant experimenting. They never used a wah on their previous albums and never had a weird track like "tonmeister" so I guess to me they seemed to be trying new/different things. They also had the cover of a once popular song "the Stroke" which I didn't expect I guess; though I just found out "Sleeping All Alone" was a cover and originally done b
  6. "Knock out" isn't bad but it has too much fooling around/experimenting on it to me; does have some good songs though (Down and out; Hold You; Fight For Love; Take My Heart and Run). "Fireworks" is their classic/best IMO and my favorite; "Point Blank" is 2nd, and I'm surprised no one's mentioned "Don't Touch The Light". Even though they were kind of premature/green sounding and the production isn't the best, there's still some damn good catchy hard rockers on that one. "Starin Eyes" and "No More" rock and it also has a great ballad "You Make me Feel" to name a few. So it's as follows for me fro
  7. Skagarack - S/T (original Polydor/Long Island pressing) Europe - The Final Countdown (original 1986 CBS pressing and also the 2001 remaster); needed to replace my current CD, which has seen better days Steve Thomson - S/T Nirvana - Nevermind (first pressing without hidden track and also the one with hidden track); needed to replace my current CD which has seen better days.
  8. That one I've got. Picked it up a few years back. Also extensively bootlegged. Any of these rare 80s soundtracks that you see on eBay that are "remastered" with see-through tray cards are all bootlegs. *sigh* Yeah, looking on ebay for an original CD is a tough task these days. I have Fright Night and The Warith soundtracks but they're bootlegs I got for cheap at least. Out of my several hundred CD's, I have about 10-15 bootlegs I figured they will do/hold me over until I have and want to spend the cash for the real thing. I'll replace em' one day though. One I just replaced, is Sk
  9. I just ordered Le Mans S/T 1986 CD reissue from NEH Records and found these couple CD's at pawn shops (the pawn shops were something to be desired; had to go through a little hell to get these; worth it? I don't know, but I had to check to see what they had). Beau Nasty - Paradise In The Sand promo CD single with the original version and radio edit. (I thought it was pretty cool and rare to see that one; was a nice buy) Flotsam and Jetsom - Cuatro Shadow King - S/T
  10. Very nice! I'd like to have this one and Fright Night as well. Maybe one day if I have and feel like spending the dough. I'd like to have an original "The Wraith" soundtrack as well.
  11. I voted for Metallica - Kill Em' All; I had to vote for that classic. Actually, that is the only 80's Metallica CD I don't own yet Surprised to see Hexx - No Escape on the list. I love that album. The singer sure has some high range pipes!! "The Other Side" is my favorite track from that one, kicks ass!
  12. Still no luck on this one yet. But, what the hell, might as well bump to see if any other HHer's may know who this is.
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