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Work of Art - Exhibits


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New album to be released later this year through Frontiers.

From FB:

A message from Lars: 
Yes!! Finally!! I just finished the mixes on our fourth Work Of Art album. Feels so good to shut off the studio equipment today. Mastering tomorrow. Cheeeeeeers!!! 






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All three of those samples sound great.  My only critique is that all WOA songs sound pretty much the same... although I'm one of the first to bitch when a band I love changes direction with their sound, so I guess I should simply enjoy the ride with these guys.

Truth be told, I like Lionville a bit better.  Just a bit more flash from that crew... like endless guitar-fills and such.  Obviously vocals are brilliant in both bands :)

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On 2/20/2019 at 1:39 PM, Glen said:

I heard these teasers a while back. all 3 are magnificent.

very strong contender for album of 2019 this one. 

In fairness, not much in 2019 has really blown me away.

But yeah. I have no doubt this will be excellent. No one writes a hook like these guys. No one!

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'Exhibits' out Nov 8 through Frontiers.



1. Misguided Love
2. Be The Believer
3. Another Night
4. This Isn’t Love Feat. Vince Dicola
5. Gotta Get Out
6. Come Home
7. If I Could Fly
8. Destined To Survive
9. Scars To Prove It
10. What You Want From Me
11. Let Me Dream

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Nice song but not completely blown away by it. Out of the first singles/videos they have released so far for each album except Artwork, this new one is my least favourite. Hope the rest are all gems. 

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