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David A Saylor RIP


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Only thing I found on FB is a reference to a report from AOR Underground that has apparently been retracted....


EDIT: Apparently it is in fact true. I just received this email from C.S Management:




With tears in our eyes and with great sadness we would like to inform you that the singer of our two albums "Dangerous" and "Hit 'N' Run" David Antonio Saylor has passed away this morning.


We will always remember him as a friend, a great person and voice he was.... Deep condolences to his family, hope his soul will rest in peace... R.I.P. Brother we will always remember you...



Wild Rose
Andy, George, Haris, John, Dimos, Phil, Panos, Chris

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What the hell? He was a great singer, I really like his albums. Way too young. (

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  • My Little Pony

What the hell?!!


What was the cause? He was way too young, and I never heard of him having any health conditions.

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Wowser, that came from nowhere. He was still so active in music... very sad news. That Atlantic album still remains a gem. May he rest in peace.

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Very very sad news indeed. I am currently doing my end of year 'Best Of' stuff and was only just listening to 'Ship To Nowhere' and 'Santa Ana Winds' albums literally 2 days ago. Great singer ....RIP David

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