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  1. I just listened to Push UK's 1988 demo yesterday and now i read this, wow. RIP David.
  2. Oops! My bad Stefan, completely missed it! Can one of the mods delete this thread? Thanks
  3. A couple of new songs by the reformed swedish band Roulette. Hopefully a new album is in the works...
  4. Great to hear Ted, even though its not D2 still a very good release it its own right
  5. Great CD, i like it better than Stereo Messiah
  6. Finally heard this and while its not quite as good as Coup De Grace, its still a great Treat release, best of the year so far for me atm.
  7. Haven't heard this in a while but i don't remember it leaving a huge impression on me maybe because it was more of straight up hard rock without much/if any melodic/aor leanings, plus it being a long cd. I'll have to check it again...
  8. Didn't know they were still active. I think the last record was from 2008/09 but wouldn't mind hearing new stuff from them...
  9. Not the hugest Vega fan but i've liked everything they've put out so far so looking forward to this one
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoDTJe5Cg6M Great track, i guess its on the cd, hopefully they'll make a new record...
  11. zakk

    Hi Guys...

    Hi Guys, This is Zak here. Been a fan ever since a friend gave me a CD-r of GNR, M.Crue, etc songs. Came across the Heavyharmonies main site some years back and still check out site from time to time. Hopefully now that i've signed up, i can start to post regularly or at least try to he he... so hi to everyone! Zak
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