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Guest Flowride

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Guest Flowride

Hey guys,


I stumbled across this forum while searching for a band online...lucky me! I've always been a fan of the hard rock/glam metal sound and this seems like the place to be. I'm a guitar player as well and even attempt to sing here and there. My favorite bands are Stryper, KISS, Honeymoon Suite, Winger, Europe, and Dokken. I'm also a big fan of 80's pop and like bands like Go West (Peter Cox is probably one of my all time favorite singers) and jazz (dig players like Pat Martino and Andreas Oberg).


And while it wasn't my intention in joining this forum, I'd imagine some folks like seeking out new music. I released an EP in July by my band, Idora. If you like, you can check us out on Spotify or at www.bandcamp.idora.com. Spotify's free and Bandcamp will let you listen a few times before asking to buy for a whopping $5. I know...wallet crusher, right?


Anyway, thanks to the forum for being here and I look forward to sharing stories of concert going, meeting our favorite acts, and talking music.



PS-I have a really, REALLY sarcastic sense of humor that may or may not come across that way online. Sometimes, typed words get lost in translation...just a pre-emptive word of caution, LOL.

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  • My Little Pony

Yeah phuk basketball.


Also, we're not a sarcastic bunch, so you'll have to give us a heads up when you're being sarcastic.

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Welcome aboard Mike!


Yeah, no jizz...I meant jazz posts.

Glad to hear you saying jizz Stefan, then I'm not the only jizzer here. :banana:

Hi and welcome!

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