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White Widdow - Crossfire


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From FB:


Recording has wrapped on our new album, a huge effort was put in from everyone, especially our Keyboardist/ Producer/ Engineer, Xavier who pulled some monster hours to get everything finished.
The tracks are now being mixed once again in Sweden by Pelle Saether, with the album set for release in November on the AOR Heaven label in Europe/UK and through Third Verse in Australia.
Stay tuned for more release info soon! In the meantime here's another sneak peak! Thanks for everyone's continued support, See you all soon.
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Never been totally convinced by this band. Good certainly, but not deserving of a lot of the Rave reviews they got for the first 2 albums. Hopefully they will step up to the plate and produce a real killer album 3rd time around.

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Artwork for 'Crossfire':






1. Caught In The Crossfire

2. Fly Me Away

3. Just Another Night

4. Below The Belt

5. Dreams Don't Die

6. Too Many Tears

7. Angel

8. Born To Be A Rebel

9. Carry The Heartache

10. Never Again

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Sounds just like the first 2 albums, not bad at all!

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Guest Poison99

- full lyrics for the title track.


This sounds awesome. Jules is an awesome dude and his vocals have improved significantly. I'll be at their album launch in late November - can't wait.

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  • My Little Pony



That is considerably better than anything I've heard from them in the past. Yeah, his vocals definitely have improved.

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