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White Widdow - Crossfire


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Still not questioning it being my fav of 2014. I like all their releases but this one is their strongest but some more massive solos like the one 'Angel' would have been nice.


Sitting here typing, I can sing/remember each chorus from every song on this one....I can't do that for any other release in 2014.


I can for Seven as well........and 90% of WoA.



I think I can for at least my entire top 10... definitely HEAT, WW, Vega... probably even WOA. I dunno, I feel like I literally spent the entire 2014 listening to 2014 releases, so much so I'm loving the break from them at the moment.

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oh yeah HEAT as well for defo


The chorus structure of the Crossfire album is pretty simplistic in the main part which i think makes the choruses easier to remember...the hooks are really good thats for sure.

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The 'stache is the most Rock looking thing in the video. Not that the video ruins the song, but I prefer hearing it and not seeing it.

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Meant to get this last year, not sure why I didn't (probably ran out of cash). Sounds great, definitely need to pick it up. "Angel" is a great song. Quality.

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