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Hi guys and gals BlindJester here. It has been a while since I have posted. The reason I am posting today is this:


I am recovering from a heart attack. The funny thing is that I didn't really have a lot of behaviors associated with someone at risk. I don't and never have smoked or did other substances. I drink in moderation. My diet is decent and I get exercise.

Imagine my surprise.

Friends listen to your bodies. Get checkups and be moderate. The interesting thing was when I had my HA and went to the hospital they were going to send me home because my EKG did not show an Attack. Fortunately for me the did blood work and noticed something wasn't right and decided to keep me. I did not know about the going home thing till my primary doctor told me at a later visit.

Now my world has changed, but I am vertical and breathing.

It can happen to anyone at anytime. PLEASE if you have chest pains get it looked at.



P.S. I will get off the soap box now.

I have some catching up to do. My last communication was about the new Boston CD.



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Are they sure the new Boston isnt what instigated it? just asking, it was a pretty horrible album, anyways, glad to here your making a strong recovery, and it is something serious, but I feel it's kind of one of those things thats going to happen if it's going to, I dont know about you, but they run in my moms side of the family, now luckily nobody thats had one has died from it, but they have just come out of nowhere and the people that had them, were all pretty healthy when they had them, so I get what your saying, sorry to here about it, but your back up and rocking in no time flat, a heart attack couldnt stop Sandy from rocking.

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I'm 39 and have dealt with chest pains for two years. Diagnosed with anxiety and on Xanax. Fast forward to the last 4-5 months and now trouble breathing with tightness in the center of my chest. Diagnosed with asthma. On an inhaler but it doesn't help much.


It's stressful just wondering wtf is going on but not a fan of the dr....


Enough about me, very glad to hear you are doing ok. Take care of yourself and rest.

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Glad your ok Sandy. Good that thy checked out any iregularities instead of blowing them off. I agree with what you said, If you have symptons of any kind why hesitate to get it checked out. It could mean life or death. Especially IF you have health insurance, thats why you have it. use it. Dont regret a bad decision. ;)

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