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Reckless Love - Night On Fire/new album Spirit


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Very interested to hear this!



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Sad face, but hopefully a new album is not too far away?


They just started work on the new album earlier this year and it seems like they've made a lot of progress already. With this first song coming out in a few weeks, I imagine that the complete album should be available sometime in 2013.

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Hopefully the gap between single and album wont be as big as last time. Think the single was February and the album was November.

Certainly would prefer a summer release around June or July.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This teaser could be a little bit longer...





The new video was shot in Las Palmas.




English translation:


Hessu: "Buenos tardes! We are Reckless Love!"

Pepe: "Hola! Apollomatkat (Finnish travel agency) brought us here in Las Palmas"

Olli: "We haven't been only relaxing and sun bathing but shooting our new music video for a song called "Night On Fire" as well!"

Jalle: "And this new single...will be out on April 12th. But now I'm gonna rush into that lil puddle in the backround"

Pepe: "Imma rush into a bar"

Jalle: "Where?!"

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Teaser? It's the monkey sounds from the track Coconuts from Animal Attraction. A complete waste of video, they could have at least put the song in there....somewhere.

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Good Lord what a pathetic waste of time! Just release the song for the love of Pete....any Pete not just our Pete.

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Well its released in two days, so no reason to release too much info. Thats why its called a teaser. No different to movie teasers which give away nothing.

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