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  1. This album cover has been universally hated everywhere that I follow music online. I agree that there's something kind of goofy about it. Having said that, I can't quite put my finger on what is so especially bad about it. It's not legendary artwork, but it's certainly a competent drawing of a Wild West scene. It's colorful, but I wouldn't say excessively so. It incorporates the classic Quiet Riot mask that has been on almost all of their albums. Again, I'm not exactly a lover of this new album cover, but what seems to be making it particularly hated?
  2. Yes, Silent Thunder is totally an 80s movie anthem! This band is on fire right now.
  3. Superman is probably my least favorite of the three new songs, but it's not bad. I like their debut album and I've been waiting for a new one. Like many of these bands, I know that it's difficult to stay afloat and I wish them well!
  4. I've listened to it 5-10 times already. I love it! I'm very impressed. The songs are fun and the solos are INSANE. It's my favorite album of the year so far.
  5. Not for me. That's just not a style of music that I enjoy.
  6. Any love for the new song, Affirmation? I think it's pretty cool. I've seen references to the keyboard sound on Feels So Good as well as 80s ZZ Top. I hear both. Personally, I think that this one could have been on I Never Said Goodbye. A guitar solo would've made this one even better.
  7. I love these guys! I'm really glad that they put out a new song and video. Like other people here and elsewhere, I'm hungry for a lot more. They're from my area, so I've seen almost every single show of theirs. They opened for L.A. Guns a couple of weeks ago and rocked the house.
  8. Cool! I really dig that album. I'm glad that Bob is putting out a bunch of unreleased material. The demand can't be that high, so I really respect the effort. Rock enthusiasts like us get a kick out of this stuff.
  9. They like simple artwork for sure! Both of their full-length album covers have been almost all blank white with just a dash of something else. Unique approach, but it's definitely the music that matters. Bring on the rock!
  10. Fun stuff! I hadn't heard of these guys until today. I think that they're above average for a modern band doing this sub-genre. I saw the hatred too. I know that "party rock" isn't for everyone, but this type of music is basically what got me into music in the first place. My ears still have room for both silly and serious.
  11. To commemorate their 10th anniversary, Gene The Werewolf has released a new song and video, "Keep It Together."
  12. I'm a huge fan of Status Quo. They're my second favorite band. I was never aware of this before. Dare I say that I might actually prefer The Angels' song?
  13. I've seen the cover before, but I never listened to anything until today. Pretty cool stuff.
  14. 1. Slippery When Wet 2. Bon Jovi 3. New Jersey 4. Keep The Faith 5. 7800° Fahrenheit 6. This House Is Not For Sale 7. Have A Nice Day 8. The Circle 9. Crush 10. Bounce 11. These Days 12. Lost Highway 13. Burning Bridges 14. What About Now
  15. Deuce


    Very interesting! This was a nice little learning session. I've loved the Quiet Riot song for years and never knew about the Stan Bush connection. It's cool and unexpected that a third version has been done all of these years later.
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