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  1. Agree with most everything said so far. Huge production especially. Not sure on the direct comparisons to HCSS but I'm never good a comparing to other bands anyway.
  2. Great thread idea, I'll be checking in here. As for the Rock Candy, don't they remaster what they are releasing as well? If so, I reckon it's not all about bonus content but improving the sound quality. I do agree though, I would be more interested in some rare OOP stuff than a lot of what they reissue.
  3. Let's see if Josh is willing to resolve this. Peter has replied he is willing.
  4. Let's forget who f'd who and how bad. I can see where Josh felt screwed and of course Peter got screwed, as even Josh admits. Griping and forum members taking sides doesn't get to the solution. Both of you need to take a breath, and say to yourself, you will feel better, sleep better making this right with each other. I'm sure you won't be best buddies and visiting each other on holidays or anything but maybe, in this thread, we can work out a solution where this gets put to rest. But the first question is.... Josh, you did the final "screwing" so to speak, yours was the greatest adva
  5. If someone sent me CDs in FUCKING SHIT condition, I'd feel the same way. So... receiving subpar condition CDs in a trade makes you feel justified in deliberately committing fraud to the tune of $750 (I don't care what you ended up refunding, your original intent was to get Peter for 750 large). Got it. I'd say they BOTH committed fraud.
  6. Yep, that is a good assessment. Plus, if you are a CD collector selling to a CD collector (heck even selling to a non-collector) then you know sending inserts that are taped or have writing on them without telling the buyer ahead of time is absolute bullshit. Every one of you on here knows you would be absolutely fucking steamed if that happened to you whether you care to admit it or not. Shit, see some of you bitch about a lot of things on this board from Ebay fees, postage and handling to cracked jewel cases. And that's fine, but don't act like you don't understand how this went down a
  7. Excellent tune. I recently found the JPN Greatest Hits, used at a local cd store...bought it just to have Back For The Attack on CD.
  8. I wasn't around for this sad event but I have read parts of this thread over the years that I have been here. For some of you it is the loss of money, or being excited for something that was never ever planned for creation, for some it is the betrayal by a trusted member of this group (and even considered a friend by some)....for most of you I think it is a combination of all those and even more. I wonder how he sleep's at night.
  9. If memory serves they did not tell up front in the beginning, but enough people squawked and they now provide the info up front. Glad they listened and made accommodations to the people supporting them. I had a big blow out with them a couple years ago. I got a CDR from them one day and sent them a nice yet pointed email that it would be nice if they listed on the website if it was a CDR or not. Whoever replied was a prick and just went off on me, which pissed me off and we went back and forth and they essentially banned me from buying from them. All because I made a suggestion.
  10. Someone else on HH here had problems with them as well. I have only ever ordered from them once and it went fine but seems like if it didn't go fine, then beware.
  11. Track names? HEAT Too Far on The Wild Side Back Into Your Arms STEEL PANTHER I want your tits Sexy santa I want pussy Handicapped slut Fantasy (cover) I want it like that (cover) Good call on the HEAT, I do have those. I do NOT however have a few of those Steel Panther tracks....thanks Glen.
  12. Babylon's Burning was solid. All else being equal Laney should take this release a notch higher. That said, nothing that great about this tune IMO. Not bad, not that great either.
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