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  1. Agree with most everything said so far. Huge production especially. Not sure on the direct comparisons to HCSS but I'm never good a comparing to other bands anyway.
  2. C'mon. We all know it was more than a mere argument. I dunno, it was deleted before I finished reading it. Guess there was more to it.
  3. Turned out LOVING this disc! Constantly in my shuffle of recent cd's. A lot of f bombs for sure but they work especially if you have it in a rotation of other discs. Let Them Burn is a killer track and makes sense to me as a single.
  4. The comments on the main site tell people to take their arguments to the forums. Then they get policed anyway. Boring.
  5. Preseason isn't a gauge for how a team will do in the regular season anyway. The Lions went 4-0 in the preseason the same year they went 0-16 in the regular season. Whooping up on a teams 1st defense doesn't mean anything when the teams 1st offense isn't playing....changes the whole dynamic of the game from time of possession to what plays are called and substitutions made at what point.
  6. As long as they dont sell out again and make another EP I and II, with characters like Jar Jar Binks and 1 hour long scenes for pod racing, etc. EP III was decent, darker. IV, V and VI...what Dan said.
  7. This is a great CD, beginning to end, not a filler track on it!
  8. Word is they tried to get bonus material but the SM camp wasn't willing.
  9. Oh why? cause their so good? totally fucking blew dude, I never really create any bashing threads, for me to bash anyone, I gotta really dislike it, and I consider myself fairly well tuned in the ear, I mean I like greats like Bolton, George Michael, NIck Gilder, Cat Stevens, so it's not like I don't know what im talking about, and dude, I watched this concert completely off the cuff, I just happened upon it, and you know what my 1st thought was? fuck yeah, GNR, fucking sweet, man was I charged 3 hours of my life for suckering into watching it!!! The concert may have sucked, too bad, b
  10. GNR bashing threads make me laugh...and shake my head / roll my eyes at the same time.
  11. I think the vocals fit the style of music
  12. that's so last year ;-) Holy crap, time flies, that was last year. Well, my comment still stands, it is very good...just not relevant to this thread! LOL
  13. Age Nielson's Shanghai'd is very good too.
  14. At least there is a chance they start making some good tunes now?
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