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  1. That would be great! Would love to have more bands in the same league as H.E.A.T...
  2. Thanks for the link! Gotta say this one sounds really cool - hopefully I'll be able to get a physical copy somewhere...
  3. Just one of many great exclusive tracks, because as Glen mentioned there actually must be a rule considering the heap of great 'unheard' songs.
  4. Wow, I like these news!! 2014 is shaping up great...
  5. Wait, judging from the sound quality, I thought "The Savage Playground" WAS a collection of demos... Seriously, I was all over this. Ran to their site and prepared to get some "new" Crashdiet tunes. Then I saw the price. I"ll be damned if I'm spending $30 for a download of some demos. Yeah, I was lucky, that I had a 25% off coupon, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it neither. Irony aside, I actually think some of these demos sound better than 'The Savage Playground', especially the demo for 'Change the World'
  6. They have a collection of demos available for download in their shop. It includes 9 demos of songs which didn't make it onto Generation Wild and The Savage Playground plus the demo version of 'Change the World'. There are some great tracks on offer, so I'd recommend it to every Crashdiet fan on here, although it is quite pricey.
  7. Replacing If I Were Your Mother would kill that album in my opinion. I dont get why people dont like that song. Heaviest thing BJ has done...ever. Yip I love that song too. Also Crush > s/t ?! Wow. I missed that one. Wow is right....maybe a typo? I like 'If I were your mother' as well, it's just that I think it's the weakest songs on a completely awesome disc...so let's not replace it, but add 'Radio saved my life tonight' as a 13th track! And yes, I knew that my rating of 'Crush' would leave people lost for words and it is a strange case for me as well.
  8. 1) Keep the Faith (replace 'If I were your mother' with 'The Radio saved my life tonight' and it'd be a perfect album imo) 2) Slippery When Wet 3) New Jersey 4) These Days 5) Crush 6) Self-Titled 7) Have a nice day 8) Bounce 9) 7800° Fahrenheit 10) What about now 11) The Circle 12) Lost Highway
  9. We agree on a lot of things, but definately not on this subject Just saw Crazy Lixx again a week ago and as much as I like the Crashdiet guys, CL are much tighter live + Andy Dawson's playing is miles ahead Martin Sweet's imo... Completely agree with Geoff there! Bands like AC/DC are perfect proof for his point: Albums perfectly produced by Mutt Lange and still they manage to sound the same live. I can live with not too many backing vocal tracks on a studio album (although I love 'em) so the band is capable of doing the same in a live environement, but an unsteady or piss-weak mix is not
  10. Wow, surprised to read that! IMO The Unattractive Revolution is by far their weakest album to date, although 'In the Raw' and especially 'Falling Rain' belong to my favourite Crashdiet songs. I'm pretty sure TSP will grow on you, it probably takes about 3 spins (well, it took 3 spins for me )...
  11. On a side note: Peter London wrote in the Crashdiet Forum that someday they would release the demos of all tracks that didn't make it onto Generation Wild (and hopefully those of Savage Playground as well). Their vaults must be quite huge (50+ tracks written for GW; 30+ for SP)...Crashdiet are one of very few bands who really treat their fans the right way imo in always giving them a little more than others. What a grower Savage Playground is!
  12. Yeah, I'd basically agree with everything Glen and Jeff said! I wish the vocals were a little more upfront in the mix in a couple of songs, but overall once again an excellent disc. I found myself liking the second half of the disc more than the first one, what about you guys?
  13. Samples for all songs up at amazon if you want to check them out! I'll try to resist
  14. Love that sample and the rest should be great as well! I was a little worried when I've read about the 'raw' sound, as that's what sorta ruined the new Crazy Lixx disc for me (although I still like that disc a lot - I hjust think it's their weakest to date), but Crashdiet still sound polished enough to me. Happy to see they've got over 1000 pre-orders through their website which is quite an achievement in this day and age...
  15. I agree with you! "I close my Eyes" is a huge song, should appeal to every Def Leppard fan.
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