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  1. Dont see that as for me they seem to be getting tamer. Songs like Party like its the end of the world and Burden of being wonderful are much tamer than most things they have done, with the exception of maybe Eyes of a panther.And I dont think say Bukkake tears is any more over the top than say Stripper girl or I want pussy etc. +1 Much tamer imo ( except Rag !! ) Can I just say what an awesome tune Gangbang is! Love that one. Add me to the list. I think this album is BY FAR their tamest disc, with close to half the songs not really being that "rude" at all. 'Pussywhipped' is a hell of a lot tamer than the title suggests, with nothing even remotely "offensive" within, 'Party like it's the end of the world' is just pure inoffensive party rock, 'Ten strikes your out' is tame as all hell, 'The burden of being wonderful' is hilarious, but completely tame and even radio friendly, and 'You're beautiful when you don't talk' is pretty much a straight up polite AOR tune. So that's five of the songs which are super tame - much more than any of their previous discs. Anyone heard the Jap bonus track 'People are stoopid' yet? Not heard it yet but very keen... Thanks for mentioning that there actually IS another song out there. Just listened to the sample in Japanes ITunes-Store and it is an accoustic-rocker in the same vein as "Stripper Girl" although not quite on par. Definately no second "Handicapped Slut", which should've been on the standard edition as well...
  2. That would be great! Would love to have more bands in the same league as H.E.A.T...
  3. I think it's another great album by these guys. Period. Sure, they've toughened up their sound a bit, but it's nowhere near that turn in direction some of you guys make it up to be imo. One thing though: There has been a lot of talk about 'Mannequin Show' being a carbon copy of that Bitchy Spears song. Sure, the chords structure and the vocal melody are very similar, but it is the sound which makes a huge difference for me. On the other hand I hear a lot of the exact same song in the chorus of "Eye to Eye" (when Erik pronounces the 'Eyeyeye...'), where I always expect to hear the follow up line 'Hit me Baby one more time'. Anyone else getting this?
  4. 'Riot Avenue' sounded great, but in quite a different way than their first two discs. This new song (and the whole upcoming album I assume) is mixed by Chris Laney, who produced the first two discs, but not with Riot Avenue - so this could be somewhere in the middle soundwise. I still think it's a great song...
  5. After a couple of spins "All you can eat" might just be my favourite Steel Panther record so far as I think it's (even) more consistent than their recent albums. I also love the fact that they don't change their winning formula in taking the same producer (Jay Ruston) for each record, just like some bands did back in the days. Take note, Crashdiet! I wonder though why they are not on Universal anymore...if it was the label's decision it's one hell of a stupid move as they are getting bigger by the minute. And does anyone know whether they've recorded any more songs which might end up as bonus tracks?
  6. Kinda surprised to see this one taking so much flak! I for one am really happy that Stan Bush continues to deliver solid albums. This new one might be a tad weaker than his last 3 outings, but overall I like it a lot as well.
  7. As they are nearing the end of their campaign and are probably gonna make the cut I just pledged for this album. Should be a good one if they manage to continue where they left off...
  8. embrock

    States Of Panic

    Happy to have pledged for this as the disc arrived this disc and it is actually really good! Nice fold-out digipack as well.
  9. Indeed a stand-alone single, which will NOT be featured on their upcoming album! Judging by that sample the album is going to sound slightly more polished than "Riot Avenue"...and they surely haven't lost their magic yet, as it sounds like a great song!
  10. Coulnd't find any recent topics on Edguy, which kinda surprises me as they are going to release their new album "Space Police" in about a month. There is one new song online, which should please all you "Hellfire Club" lovers
  11. I've got a feeling this album is gonna be great and a lot better than the last two Wig Wam discs...
  12. Wow, very pleasantly surprised by their sound (which I didn't expect looking at the picture) - looking forward to their album!
  13. Samples for all songs are up: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tearing-Down-Walls-H-e-t/dp/B00II95DXO/ref=sr_1_5?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1392905679&sr=1-5&keywords=h.e.a.t I wanted to wait until I had the real deal in my hands, but couldn't resist and yeah, it sounds killer!!
  14. Thanks for the link! Gotta say this one sounds really cool - hopefully I'll be able to get a physical copy somewhere...
  15. Tracklist: 1. Bang Bang 2. I Wont Look Down 3. C'Est la Vie 4. Feel What I Feel 5. Spread Your Wings 6. Red on the Sleeve 7. Jump the Gun 8. Maybe 9. Get Up and Move on 10. Thank You You are actually mistaken for once, mate - there are 14 tracks on the regular edition and 16 tracks on the limited edition (which I pre-ordered) http://www.cede.ch/de/music/?branch_sub=1&view=detail&id=1140273&branch=1 Alright, alright. I was mistaken. Once. Won't happen again. Ever. Maybe. Here's the correct tracklist for the Swiss Digipack Edition: 1. Let Me In Katie 2. Bang! 3. Get Up 'N' Move On 4. Feel What I Feel 5. C'est La Vie 6. Jump The Gun 7. Spread Your Wings 8. I Won't Look Down 9. My Belief 10. Maybe 11. Red On A Sleeve 12. What You Get 13. Mr. Ticket Man 14. Thank You 15. I Want It All (Bonustrack) 16. You Can't Stop Me (Bonustrack) You know I was kidding, right? Love all the work you put into your posts to deliver us a LOT of great information! On a side-note: The guys from the band describe this disc as sort of a follow-up to Lipservice and apparantely "Thank you" is an over 10 minutes long epic. Quite a lengthy disc it is actually...
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