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Massive Find

Jacob M.

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A couple days ago on my day off I went to Tulsa. The plan was to stop by Qdoba for lunch and go watch a movie. There was a Vintage Stock in the same shopping center as Qdoba so I decided to look around before I got lunch. I really didn't expect to find much. Usually I find a common cd or two if I'm lucky. This trip started off about the same. While searching through the bargain table I spotted Slaughter's Stick It To Ya. It was only 99 cents so I decided to buy it. I happened to look up at the stack of cds right in front of me. Something caught my eye. All kinds of awesome cds such as Spread Eagle, Arcade, and Armed Forces. The more I looked the bigger my pile got. I believe I was in there two hours.


When I thought I had found just about everything there was to find I would stumble onto a Melidian or The Wildhearts. I couldn't believe my luck. Most of the cds were $.99 so even if I wasn't sure what it was I grabbed it anyway. According to the sign the cds with the 99 cent red tags were 10 for $4.99. Even better deal. When I went to pay for my massive pile of cds the guy kept shuffling them. I wasn't sure what he was doing. When I got the total I figured out that regardless of the tags color he gave me the discount for 10 discs. My total was $37.86.


The first part of the list I found on this site or I knew what it was. The second part I'm not so sure of. I might have bought some bad cds.


Anacrusis- Screams and Whispers

Arcade- Arcade

Armed Forces- Take On The Nation

Desmond Child- Discipline

Diving For Pearls- Diving For Pearls

Don Dokken- Up From The Ashes

Drive- Diablero

Encino Man- soundtrack

Fates Warning- Inside Out

Forever Mod- Portrait Of A Storyteller

Forte- Division

Howe II- High Gear

Jack Russell- For You

Jamie LaRitz- Jamie LaRitz

Jimmy Barnes- Two Fires

John Schlitt- Unfit For Swine

John Wetton- Live-Chasing The Dragon

Jon Butcher- Pictures From The Front

Judas Priest- Ram It Down

Kim Mitchell- Greatest Hits

Kreator- Extreme Aggression

Kurt Howell- Kurt Howell

Laaz Rockit- Citys Gonna Burn

Lou Gramm- Long Hard Look

Make A difference Foundation- Stairway To Heaven/Highway To Hell

Melidian- Lost In The Wild

Michael Angelo- No Boundaries

Mitch Malloy- Mitch Malloy

RTZ- Return To Zero

Spys- Spys/Behind Enemy Lines

Scorpions- Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years

Sing Sing- Sing Sing

Slaughter- Stick It To Ya

Spread Eagle- Open To The Public

Spread Eagle- Shine

Spread Eagle- Spread Eagle (promo)

The Wildhearts- Earth VS The Wildhearts

Tony Macalpine- Madness

Tony Macalpine- Premonition

TNT- Realized Fantasies

Two Or More- Life In The Diamond Lane

W.A.S.P.- K.F.D.

W.A.S.P.- The Last Command

World Trade- World Trade

Wrath- Insane Society

Wrath- Nothing To Fear


Billy Crockett- Any Starlight Night

Hothouse Flowers- Home

Jeff Lorber- West Side Stories

Jesters Klutch- What The Damn?

John Jarvis- Whatever Works

Matthew Sweet- Blue Sky On Mars

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- Cuz Its Hot

Richard Souther- Twelve Tribes

Rob Frazier- Heartland

Rob Frazier- Retrospect

Robin Crow- Electric Cinema

St. Paul- Down To The Wire

Strawmen- At Home

Syn- Matter Of Time

The Pat McCormack Group- Heavy Metal Elevator Music

The Walter Eugenes- The Walter Eugenes

Tim Pierce- Guitarland

Trace Balin- Out Of The Blue


Such a massive find makes me wonder if someone sold off their metal collection not realizing what they had.

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Holy Crap! Great haul Jake! I can only dream of making a score like that in this area... :(

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The Sing Sing alone was worth it for ya!! That Spread Eagle "Shine".....not sure I know what that is...??

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Great find indeed... :drink:


It will be interesting to know what you think of some of them once you have had a chance to spin them.

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The Sing Sing alone was worth it for ya!! That Spread Eagle "Shine".....not sure I know what that is...??


I also am curious about that one. Never heard of it unless it's a different Spread Eagle.

I think it's a single off the Open to the Public cd


Damn that's a nice haul man! :beerbang:

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I guess I should have clarified the Shine disc. I assumed someone else had stumbled upon one before. It's a radio promo disc. Not sure when I'll have time to start listening to all of this. I need to get a new cd player and it appears there aren't a whole lot of options left when it comes to portable players.

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Nice CD hunting trip, eh, Jake? You want to be sure and give thanks for those 16 and 17 year old kids they got working in the store who put out the CDs.......you know, I'm talking about those teeny boppers who have never heard of the killer titles you found.....all they know is the last guy who won American Idol and who's been played on the radio the last three weeks!!!! They think all those killer titles are just unheard of junk!!!!! Well....their junk is "OUR GOLD"!!! :beerbang:

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The Sing Sing alone was worth it for ya!!


I was gonna say exactly the same ! LOL ! Great disc and fantastic haul !! :bananamac:

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