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Dokken v. The Scorpions

Dokken v. The Scorpions  

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Don and the boys vs Klaus and company.... :banger:


*Decided to make the 1990 match-up (Round Three) a little more interesting by including not only Don's solo effort, but the Lynch Mob release as well against the Scorps "Crazy World".... just for shits and giggles... :P

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Dokken on all counts(including Don's solo disc) except with the Scorps Unbreakable taking down Hell to Pay.

The last one was the toughest with LSA taking down Humanity Hour 1 but just barely and I might even change my mind on that one later.

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For myself, it was Dokken on all counts, EXCEPT for Round Three. I took The Scorps "Crazy World" over UFTA and WS. Upon reflection, Crazy World just might be my fave Scorps disc overall, even though Love at First Sting and Savage Amusement have some killer tracks on them too! :banger:

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Dokken all the way...but two great bands,two great singers.Scorpions huge influence on Don and Co.Dysfunctional and Hell To Pay are underrated..some good stuff on those.Tough poll cause both bands are exceptional.

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Pretty even split for me...


TOOTH & NAIL over LOVE AT FIRST STING (tho just by a hair)




CRAZY WORLD over Don & Lynch Mob







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Corrected - Got my Dokken comparisons of 'Dysfunctional and Hell To Pay' the wrong way round - they still both lost out ;)




The Scorps come out on top, but not by a massive amount to be honest. Loads of good discs amongst these.



Love At First Sting over 'Tooth And Nail' but only just


Back For The Attack - Great Disc and much better than the patchy 'Savage Amusement'


Up From The Ashes - Absolutely love Dons solo disc even though The Scorps 'Crazy' was a goodie.


Pure Instinct - Surprisingly one of my fave later Scorps discs and hugely better than 'Dysfuncytional' which was pretty crap imo.


Unbreakable - A big return to form and better than 'Hell To Pay'


Humanity Hour 1 - The Best Scorps disc in a long time, although 'Lightning Strikes' was a solid disc.

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I thought this would be an easy clean sweep for Dokken, but sadly it was not to be:


Tooth & Nail ; by miles


Back For the Attack ; by so far a distance my keyboard almost broke from me trying to make the point of how much better this is.


Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation ; to be honest, I wish I could have voted for this and Don's solo disc as I do love them equally. Maybe just one more killer track on this one? Either way, both are light years ahead of the Scorpions disc imo.


Pure Instinct ; I did f*ck up here, thinking I was voting against 'Shadowlife' for some stupid reason. This one could go either way. 'Wild Child' is the best song on both discs so I'll stick with Scorpions, 'cause I can't change it anyway. :lol:


Unbreakable ; tough one as neither album blows me away, but just a few better tracks on the Scorpions disc.


Humanity hour 1 ; imo, Scorpions' best disc so far and even though 'Lightning strikes again' is a good disc, I find this one to be better for sure.

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And my winners are :

1) Scorpions "Love At First Sting"

2) Dokken "Back For The Attack"

3) Scorpions "Crazy World" but closely tied with Don Dokken's solo

4) Scorpions "Pure Instinct"

5) Scorpions "Unbreakable"

6) Unfortunately I haven't heard "Humanity Hour I" yet. But I liked Dokken "Lighning Strikes Again", so my vote goes for that one.

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66.6% went to the Scorps...


1. "Tooth & Nail." Don't care much for early Dokken, but I care even less for early Scorps.


2. "Back for the Attack" by far, still Dokken's finest moment, and miles better than "Savage Amusement."


3. "Crazy World." No contest. 'Nuff said.


4. Both albums kind of sucked, but "Pure Instinct" only sucked a little dick while "Dysfunctional" was chugging cock like a skinny white boy on his first night in prison.


5. While "Hell to Pay" was a perfectly acceptable (no more, no less) Dokken CD, it doesn't hold a candle to "Unbreakable," one of Scorpions' all-time best.


6. "Humanity Hour" is Scorpions best release to date and shits all over "Lightning Strikes Again," which I consider one of the most overrated albums of 2008. I couldn't get rid of that CD fast enough...

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It seems strange to me that many chose Tooth and Nail.Love At First Sting is one of the best albums in rock history.


Sure is!


Went for 'Love At First Sting', 'Back for the Attack' and 'Crazy World'. The others I don't really know, so just kind of guessed.

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While I dont own any complete discographies for any of these guys, I voted for Scorps over Dokken on all of these as I far prefer The Scorps and never understood the fascination with Dokken/Lynch Mob beyond one or two songs.

I'm not saying Dokken/Lynch Mob are bad, just that I never thought they were that special.

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While I dont own any complete discographies for any of these guys, I voted for Scorps over Dokken on all of these as I far prefer The Scorps and never understood the fascination with Dokken/Lynch Mob beyond one or two songs.

I'm not saying Dokken/Lynch Mob are bad, just that I never thought they were that special.

Funnily enough I'd say the exact same thing about The Scorpions. ;)

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Dokken's "Broken Bones" (2012) over Scorpions "Sting in the Tail" (2010) for me. ;-)

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    • I think most people know my stance on these two. I love LA Guns and think Tracii is one of the best guitarists to come out of the hair metal scene, and while I like Stryper I have really gone off them due to Michaels compulsion to release new material every second Wednesday. I have not bought the last 2 or 3 Stryper albums, and a bunch of other stuff he is involved in because of this. Hell, didnt even pick the first Sunbomb album up til early this year and only then it was because I got it for £5 instead of the usual £13 to £15 that Frontiers CDs usually cost. That album did not impress me. Musically it was tight but Sweets vocals were pretty "meh", and sounds like they are gonna be even worse on this album. Have to agree to what has already been said, but I can barely even understand what he is singing. Now while I am fine with listening to foreign language songs, if a singers native tongue is English, I wanna be able to understand what he is singing. Fuck me, there are death metal bands out there easier to understand than this. If I didnt know the song title, I would think it was called I'm bating bulls yeah
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    • It’s not a “you” problem; I could barely make out a word while listening to “Unbreakable” last night. A lyric video is definitely necessary when listening to MS these days. Still, even not having a clue what he was singing for the most part, this is better than pretty much everything off the first Shitbomb album. 
    • Enjoying this one, for defs their best release and they wear their influences firmly on their sleeves , mixing bands like Van Halen/Whitesnake/Treat/Pretty Maids/Magnum so whats not to like  
    • I didn't make the connection until a couple of days ago. This is the previous group of Tobias from Nestor.        
    • I miss the days when I could actually understand what Michael Sweet was singing.  Not sure if that's a "me" problem or a "Sweet" problem...
    • Lyric video for 'Unbreakable'.    
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