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Greetings and Blessings, everybody! I'm new here as well. You can say I've been a metal guy for over twenty years and just thinking about that right now reminds me of how old I am. :P I enjoy and get highs from the whole spectrum of melodic metal...from AOR to Black Metal. It's hard to claim favorites but I can tell you right now I'm quite fond of high soaring vocals running over double bass drums and fluid guitar movements. :o) Oh but how I love acoustic guitar too heheh.


Anyhows I am here to share thoughts, want lists, and to trade/sell collectibles definitely!


Times are tough right now so I hope everyone the best.

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Salutes and hoots, sir. I just read your commentary on Iced Earth's BURNT OFFERINGS in another thread and see that you and I have a common love for that CD. You're all right by me! :drink:

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Welcome to the boards... excuse all the naked people. I've warned them to exercise more, so let's hope they start listening. :)

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Hello dreamstorm! (May I call you "Dream"?) :P

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Hello, dreamstorm! (May I call you "Dream"?) :P

Wouldn't be the first guy you've called dreamy...


Damn restraining orders...

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