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new Eclipse single out 05/26


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Gave this a proper listen today.

Let's be honest, Eclipse have been pretty weak since 2017's Monementum imo. I loved that album (except Downfall of Eden 😖), but everything since has been equal part good songs to fillers. The same is true here - I'd say about 5 keepers (mostly on first half).

Also, just an observation but every album seems to have a terrible nordic sounding semi war, semi inspiro song now which I absolutely hate but Erik absolutely loves and includes in their set - part of the reason I won't see them live again :

Here it is Anthem.

What an awful, instantly skippable pile of Nordic jibberish.

Previous albums it was as follows :

Read to Rock : Hometown Calling

Bleed & Scream : Battlegrounds

Armageddonize : Blood Enemies

Monumentum : Downfall of Eden

Paradigm : United

Wired : Run for Cover

and now Anthem - possibly the worst of all 😉

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thinking about it I'd go again if the played something like this - just listed in album order :

Breaking my Heart Again

Millions Miles Away

Bleed & Scream

A Bitter Taste

Love Bites 

I Dont Wanna Say Im Sorry

Killing Me


No Way Back

Mary Leigh

Roses on Our Grave

Dead Inside

Hearts Collide

Hardest Part is Losing You 

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3 hours ago, Y&TForever said:

See, i told you there would be someone who would get bent out of shape with Anthem 😂😂😂


Someone? Surely every hates that song? 

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OK, this album is pretty bad IMO. Most of the songs are just plodding and uninteresting, the lyrics are bad even by Martensson standards, and overall it's just missing that typical Eclipse energy and hooks that make me want to keep listening. It feels like a chore to listen to this album so...I won't do it.

Also...I couldn't have been the only one who noticed this?


The chorus has a very similar vocal melody and then there's the obvious shared lyrics...come on man...

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