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  1. Great song,was supposed to be released for purchase but for some reason it is not available.
  2. CD release 05/17 Tonight we are the lonely is the single to be released tomorrow
  3. I was told it was supposed to be released last friday so hopefully this week for the 1st single.
  4. First single coming Friday
  5. The song Wicked is released tomorrow
  6. I believe the 1st track gets released Friday
  7. Nervous about this one.it has been completed for about 2 years and only getting released now.not a good sign.
  8. Roulettes new cd is called NOW and will be out in October
  9. Hopefully 2018,Find Me 3 is done and is not being released until 2019
  10. Tomorrow the ballad one of lifes mysteries is released.
  11. Song was good IMO not as strong as the previous 2
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