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  1. Fav songs: First 5, Coming Home, One Final Kiss all others are good tunes.... I would rate it around 93/100...great disc.
  2. Damn, mine says arriving on the 26th! Ugh....
  3. Review from The Rock Pit... https://www.therockpit.net/2021/album-review-w-e-t-retransmission/
  4. Awesome news!! Really looking forward to this release...
  5. Not a great song, IMO..it is pretty generic...still listening to these guys a lot in the apocalypse...
  6. Damn, my copy isn't showing up until Monday or Tuesday...
  7. Ya, can’t get with this tune...I’m going to go listen to Fireworks now...
  8. it's probably more like 81.7%...could move up to 86.4% by the end of the week...
  9. I dunno, i really LOVE those 5 songs...nothing to worry yourselves over...
  10. After the first full spin, I'm a little underwhelmed....it's a good disc, but the songs are either really good or really bad w/ a couple of average tunes, but maybe some of those bad and average ones will grow on me... My rating would be 90%... The good: Dangerous Ground Come Clean One By One Heaven Must Have Won An Angel Rise The average: Victory Adrenaline The Bad: Rock Your Body We Are Gods Nothing To Say Under The Gun
  11. The crowd surf into the pool was epic. And I agree with Rise. Sounded great live!
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