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  1. Ya, last album didn’t do much for me, either…except for first 2 songs….
  2. Ya, when I saw the teaser on fuckbook, I was shocked…such a great surprise. Hope it’s a great song!
  3. See, i told you there would be someone who would get bent out of shape with Anthem 😂😂😂
  4. And there are going to be some people that get bent out of shape with “Anthem”….
  5. I’m not blown away by any means, after first listen. Forgiven is pretty cool…
  6. I’m absolutely shocked my copy came in the mail today…listening now. Gonna try to give it a spin a few times today.
  7. Gutfeld can be tiresome, but he is #1 in Late Night, beating out all those non-funny wacko libs, including Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. The Fetterman clip is the most cringeworthy thing I have watched in a LONG time. And Biden? Well, Biden is Biden.
  8. Something very different from Eclipse...definite punk vibe. Don't love it, but a pretty cool song..
  9. I'm liking the disc a lot.... My fav songs... 19 Summertime What Are We Waiting For Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore Another Time, Another Place The Night To Remember
  10. Enjoying this Monday afternoon, after my Niners beat down the Cowboys yesterday…
  11. Come on new album and some U.S. dates….
  12. Decent on first playback, but not blown away. Crazy how Scream sounds so much like Dead Inside (Eclipse)…
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