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  1. Tabe, sounds good. Can’t wait to take the whole CD in next week. I order from NEH, so should have it by Monday or Tuesday.
  2. I like Now Or Never better, but this one is pretty good...
  3. Ya...Killing Me, I Don't Wanna Say I'm Sorry, The Storm, and Black Rain all sound the same...I got you.
  4. I actually really like the last few they have released, but wasn't too crazy about the first 2 tunes (United and Viva La Victoria). I absolutely love this band, but I can already tell that this release probably won't be as good as Bleed & Scream, Armageddonize, and Monumentum, but I hope I'm wrong. I'm just going to enjoy the music that I'm given...
  5. Lyrics Shmirics....with most of these bands, lyrics are never all that great. If it sounds good to the ears, I'm good with it....
  6. WOW, just heard One by One on YouTube. Great tune! Rocks, yet maintains a nice melodic quality to it.
  7. And Harnell was on the sauce when this went down, doesn’t really make it right to say something like this, but I’m curious how Eden instigated it. Anyhoo, who cares? I will just enjoy the music as long as we have it...
  8. Agree with Geoff 100%. I am loving this song...and I am a huge fan of Tony, but will admit when I don't like a song of his. Great melodic rock song....
  9. Loving this song more than the first 2....for sure.
  10. I will say it again and again, I would rather have a song SOUND good to my ears and have tired lyrics than have it sound like sh!t and have brilliant/fresh lyrics.....
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