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    Tinkering with computers, discovering new AOR bands, playing video games, and watching sci-fi flicks.

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  1. Really? The most expensive CD's I've found are like $100 or so. But now I'm curious, what's the most expensive CD you've seen?
  2. Thanks, Doggy, you're the man! Also... HOLY SHIT!!! $806.45 for one CD?! And I thought my copy of "The Big Noise" by Blue Blud (which cost about $80) was expensive. While I've always believed that great music is priceless, I think this might be just a tad bit over my budget. 😅
  3. If you liked that one, I think you'll find this one to be pretty cool. It's not satirical though:
  4. But in all honesty, I hope music fans can eventually use AI to digitally remaster demo recordings with shitty audio quality
  5. I just shared the following song in AOR Song of the Day, but I figure I'll also create a separate thread since I can't find any information about this band—not even a Discogs page! If anybody has any info to share about them, that'll be awesome!
  6. "Jungle Boogie" by Kool & The Gang
  7. "Can't Believe" by Lionsheart. I'm pretty sure this song is melodic hard rock. Regardless of what it is, it kicks ass!
  8. "Confession" by Arc Angel. I listened to this album this morning, and this track is definitely my favorite. It's how I feel before trying to ask a cute chick out 😉.
  9. "Out Of The Darkness" by Little Steven
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