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No bad songs/No skips


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Which melodic rock/AOR albums can you listen to all the way through, over and over, and not be tempted to skip any song?

My picks:

  • Work of Art - Artwork
  • Survivor - Vital Signs
  • The Defiants - s/t
  • Vega - Stereo Messiah
  • Khymera - The Greatest Wonder
  • Harem Scarem - s/t
  • FM - Indiscreet
  • Signal - Loud & Clear
  • Bon Jovi - s/t
  • Strangeways - Walk In The Fire
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Survivor - Premonition

Toto - Turn Back

Franke & The Knockouts - Below The Belt

Streets - Crimes In Mind

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  • My Little Pony
3 hours ago, tobi is an animal said:

Same here. Out of the hundreds of albums I like/love, I honestly can't think of one where I feel the need to skip a song. 

Even those utterly useless cover songs!


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  • My Little Pony
4 hours ago, Kristian said:

Lots of albums, but these instantly came to mind

Slamer - Nowhere Land

Haven't listened to this in a minute. Thanks for reminding me. 

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"XYZ - Hungry" is another one for me, for sure.

Also, I know I'm a fan, but the self titled second album by "Lynch Mob" from '92 is another no skip gem IMO.

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20 hours ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Even those utterly useless cover songs!


The only two albums that I can think of, that would fit into the like/love category for me with covers as part of the main album are; Moonglow by Avantasia and Space Police by Edguy.  I love both albums and would have preferred an original song, but I do like the 2 cover songs.    Cum On Feel The Noize by Edguy was a useless cover that I've only listened to once, but it's a bonus track.  I guess I don't have much use for Hymn off Vain Glory Opera.  

Beast In Black threw some covers onto their last couple albums as bonus tracks, and as I mentioned before I do love the No Easy Way Out cover.  I don't mind the other 3 covers, and even though they are bonus tracks I would've preferred more original material.  

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