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  1. ah yea, that blind channel is awful lol, it sounded more emo than modern rock to me. For modern rock I was thinking more along of the lines of say Shinedown or Skillet.
  2. most of what will be released in the first half of the year has been announced, so hopefully the second half of the year will yield some unexpected gold. I can't imagine you think the new Bon Jovi album in June is gonna save the year for anybody.
  3. I didn't care for Saxon but that Durbin album was better than I was expecting some good tracks on there Power Of The Reaper, Where They Stand, Tear Them Down and The Worshipper 1897.
  4. I don't care for Fall To Pieces but I do like the harpsichord.
  5. can you name me one to check out, thanks.
  6. I listen to music 30-35 hours a week and still don't have enough time; so yea there is a lot to listen to, but will my nearly 40 year streak of having a top 10 come to and end? Probably will be able to come with 10 releases by years end but it's looking like the weakest year to date. 2025 is already shaping up to be loaded though.
  7. I like this one as well, shaping up to be a good album indeed.
  8. LOL, it's funny cause it's true. song is fuckin' awful.
  9. yea, i knew why they got lumped together as grunge because of their clothes and where they came from, just always thought it was weird as they have nothing in common musically speaking.
  10. well if one feels Erik raised the quality significantly, then the band is indeed a shadow of their former selves once he leaves. whether or not one thinks Erik raised the quality significantly is again up to the individual. mmmbop. A SHADOW OF YOUR FORMER SELF definition: someone or something that is not as strong, powerful, or useful as it once was:
  11. the vocals were so bad I couldn't really focus on any other part of the song or listen it to long enough to see what it was all about. Chris Cornell very good vocals, Kurt Cobain bad vocals, Eddie Vedder even worse vocals. I've seen these three bands often get lumped together but they are nothing alike. this is how you fuckin' do it.
  12. that's a weird comment to make unless you can't accept a differing opinion on the matter. I don't see why it is ridiculous to much prefer Erik to Kenny, myself. It's all personal preference in the end.
  13. found a potential 4th album for 2024. Illumishade - Another Side Of You available now.
  14. It's all subjective and 2024 looks dire to me, but 2025 will be much better I'm sure of it.
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