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  1. I think the key will be to spread out the albums, you could do one every 6 months. I'm probably going to do 1 album every two weeks or one every month maybe.
  2. I'm not much for disco or thrash either but I do like Zombimbo and while Evil was my least my favorite on Killection I did like it. Also really enjoyed the Demonarchy side of Monstereophonic. I also don't care for Industrial, but I absolutely love Shake The Baby Silent; so I think Killection is a good indication that Lordi is gonna pull this off.
  3. Try the song Cutterfly and let us know what you think.
  4. I honestly can't think of a Lordi song that I skip. I believe the fact that each album is different from each other will help them keep that level up for 60 songs. I think I might do an album every two weeks instead of trying to digest 60 songs all at once.
  5. Lordi is one of my favorite bands and I loved every song on Killection, so this is great news. I wonder if it will actually be 7 legit separate albums or if it will be a seven disc boxset. The boxset would be fine but I would rather the 7 separate physical copies. Either way it will be about 60 new Lordi songs. If they are keeping the songs from Killection, I'm guessing they'll be keeping the album covers and titles as well? I also think there is an option for a box set down the road of all the unreleased songs from each of their previous albums; I think they wrote and demoed l
  6. 1. Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic 2. Lordi - Killection 3. Harem Scarem - Change The World 4. Amaranthe - Manifest 5. Soilwork - A Whisp Of The Atlantic 6. Hell In The Club - Hell Of Fame 7. Smith & Myers - Volumes 1 & 2 8. Seven Spires - Emerald Seas 9. Unleash The Archers - The Abyss 10. Beyond The Black - Horizons 11. Lucifer - Lucifer III 12. Brothers Of Metal - Emblas Saga 13. Magnum - The Serpent Rings 14. H.e.a.t - H.e.a.t II
  7. My top Jovi songs 1. Undivided 2. Santa Fe in no particular order without love living in sin wild is the wind i believe if i was your mother dry county woman in love fear blame it on the love of rock n roll this ain't a love song these days damned my guitar lies bleeding in my arms
  8. I can't listen to Romero or ADV penned songs so I'm out on this one.
  9. This album has zero good songs on it, they are all bland and hookless. Also I have a heard time discerning the lyrics when she hits the upper register, needs to enunciate.
  10. The album is ok good for a few spins, poor man's Crazy Lixx. Ball and Chain sounds like Jovi's bad name on the verses and Cooper's Bed Of Nails on the chorus.
  11. I'm really looking forward to the new album, as I love their first four albums. I also love how fast they are pumping out these quality albums. https://youtu.be/2XooPsXBElQ
  12. Tobi's partner in crime Sascha Paeth has a new project. Cover art, track listing, and first single. 1. The Time Has Come 2. Die Just A Little 3. Radar 4. Where Would It Be 5. My Anarchy 6. Wide Awake 7. The Path 8. Sick 9. Weight Of The World 10. Bound In Vertigo 11. Signs Of Wings https://youtu.be/9lkY08Jxwe4 First single sounds pretty good, looking forward to hearing the album.
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