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Jet Set Junkies (Paul Laine/Lee Revill) - Up


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Very good. For me, the closest relative in terms of what he's done before is probably 'Gildersleeves' D2 material. Killer. 

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  • My Little Pony

The lyrics are "meh," but the tune is tasty! And I agree with Geoffrey, sounds like Gildersleeves era Danger Danger. Which is obviously a good thing. 

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On 2/23/2022 at 12:13 AM, tts42572 said:

Nice!  That basically sounds like an edgier Defiants to me.

Good stuff.

Yeah, the main reason I never really took to the Defiants as much as others here.

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10 hours ago, lettard said:

Nice news,but if they are only recording song number two at the minute then an album is a long way off  :(

yeah the album could be a while at this rate. looking forward to it tho 

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Album coming this year?

From FB:

So after a few discussions @ Jet Set Junkies HQ ...we feel we now have enough tracks demoed to do our first Jet Set Junkies Album.....which we are so stoked to do. We appreciate your patience whilst we sort out the logistics involved with putting it together ...and we hope to have more cool news to follow asap. Have a great day folks....things are looking Up ..!!


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