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  1. Too Fast and Shout are classics. It all started to go down hill from there. Other good songs here and there but nothing like those first two albums. Have you ever noticed how many of Motley records didn’t even have 10 full original songs on them? Covers, live songs, instrumentals. They had a hard time coming up with enough material to fill an album.
  2. https://youtu.be/i7KoM4n4lq0 The Loveless - Return of the Ex-Girlfriend Not official but needs to be seen. How do you insert the clip so you see the picture?
  3. Agreed. Discipline is a great album. A covers album would be awesome and more than enough material to choose from.
  4. Buffalo over Houston Titans over Pats - upset pick Saints over Vikings Seattle over Philly
  5. Do you like Richie’s version with him singing? Great song and think I like his vocals better. Same for Stand.
  6. The one song that is already available sounds the same to me.
  7. One of my favorite bands but unfortunately I have had all these songs for years. Lots of good songs on there but I would have made a few changes with other songs that were left off.
  8. Love this new album so far. Gasoline absolutely rocks! People should check them out if you like southern rock (which I typically don’t).
  9. So sorry for the stupid comment. What I was trying to imply if you use to like EZN then not sure how you don’t like the new Donnie album. But yeah to each their own.
  10. I’m going to agree with Peter and Captain that this is a great album and has nothing to do with the current state of music. But to call it crap is stupid if you ever like Enuff Z Nuff this as good or better than everything since Strength. Bottom line is everyone’s musical tastes are different but I can agree the new Unruly Child is forgettable.
  11. You found all of them? I have a few of the songs from disc 1 of you still need them?
  12. I don’t know if I ever heard why Ron wasn’t in the band anymore. Did he leave or was he fired? Anyone know the story on that? I know he still played and had a couple projects after Lillian, so I don’t think it was him getting out of the business.
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