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  1. Samples of all the songs available for preview in ITunes. I will let everyone decide what they can from the samples.
  2. I fought as long as I could to not buy into streaming but my son (meaning me) was paying $10 a month for AppleMusic and for an extra $5 the whole family (4 of us) could all have it. So I bit the bullet and I love it. I love being able to basically have everything at my fingertips whenever I want it. But I still love CD’s an will buy all my favorite bands to help support them and also to keep my collection going. Moving all my CD’s is a pain in the ass when you have so many. I miss going to record stores looking for new music and hoping to find that rare collectible.
  3. 1. Candy - Whatever Happened To Fun 2. Vinnie Vincent Invasion - No Substitute 3. Lillian Axe - Now You Know 4. Enuff Z’ Nuff - Down Hill 5. GUN - Better Days 6. Riverdogs - Big House 7. Little America - Walk on Fire 8. Junkyard - Hangin Around 9. Unruly Child - Do You Ever Think of Me 10. Roxanne - I Don’t Want to Live This Way 11. Lions and Ghosts - Passion
  4. Pretty easy for me Candy/Electric Angels/ The Loveless ( they are all the same to me, anyone would be awesome ) close second - Jellyfish
  5. I bet Stevie would take him back in a heart beat. I think he knows that Ron is what everyone associates with Lillian. My guess is Ron doesn’t want any part of it.
  6. Agreed. Only way I would care is if Ron came back.
  7. Absolutely horrible and Unbroken is even worse.
  8. Must not have been thinking the day I signed up. A Tale of Gin and Salvation by The Loveless might be my favorite album of all time. It is flawless. All 3 of those bands are untouchable in my book. Glad to meet someone else that seems to appreciate it.
  9. Please keep posting these. I discovered so many bands from these.
  10. How awesome if Ron came back, but I doubt we would be so lucky.
  11. I love a lot of his music but you said it best, when you said it is a daunting task.
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