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Cats in Space - Daytrip to Narnia


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39 minutes ago, crazynights said:

I try to listen,  but It's not my cup of tea.

Nor I. Not my jam one bit. 

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From FB:


We are very excited to announce the new CATS IN SPACE album is called ‘DAYTRIP TO NARNIA’ and will be released on 8th MARCH 2019.

Fifteen months in the making, this epic musical feast is by far the band's most accomplished and challenging release to date. It will be available on ‘Harmony Factory’ through Cargo records.

Due to the sheer size of the album it will be released on a delicious DOUBLE WHITE VINYL LP with an exclusive limited poster inside the incredible gatefold sleeve. It will also be available on deluxe CD with 20 page booklet......

But there is more!....

EXCLUSIVE to the webstore only, is the amazing ‘NARNIA BOX’ - A beautiful handcrafted wooden box containing the new album and a whole host of exclusive extra music and goodies. It is strictly limited to just 200 boxes worldwide. Each box is hand numbered and stencilled and is the ultimate Cat collectable.



All you lovely Cat fans that pre-order will get your goodies FIRST, ahead of general release.

If you order the NARNIA BOX? You get it even sooner- yes, you will hear and own the album way ahead of the pack...!!

Plus, we have a cornucopia of new exclusive 'Daytrip to Narnia' merchandise including tee shirts, signed items, & turntable mats.

Plus our catalogue of vinyls, CDs and rarities are all available in the store too.

so there you have it...!!

Go to: www.catsinspace.co.uk for all the details.




She Talks Too Much
Hologram Man
Tragic Alter Ego
Silver & Gold
Chasing Diamonds
The Story of Johnny Rocket
I Space Overture
II Johnny Rocket
III Thunder in the Night
V One Small Step
V Twilight
VI Yesterday's News
VII Destination Unknown

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  • My Little Pony
3 hours ago, Dead Planet said:

Maybe in a few years...my tastes change over time but these days I prefer my music on the heavier side of things...

How heavy?

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6 hours ago, lettard said:

That sounds great to me,as mentioned im a NFO fan and this is cut from similar cloth,looking forward to the march release  :)

yep agree 

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