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What you once loved you now hate...


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No doubt given the taste of music were into most of us are no longer in our teens or twenties. That said are there any favourite albums from back in the day that you just can't put on anymore?


For me personally there's been a trend. A lot of the hard rock in the 80s was blues inspired hard rock. I can't stand that anymore. With that said here are a few bands and albums that I used to play all the time but can't stomach anymore (but have kept them anyway for the memories) :


Salty Dog





Funnily enough I still love Badlands, Spread Eagle, Gunners (Appetite).


Another example is Bon Jovi. Much prefer the style of playing Sambora did prior to wanted dead or alive, after that they lost something for me even tho I've enjoyed a few of the albums in the 90s.

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While I don't hate any of the bands I will agree with Bon Jovi.I hear enough of his older stuff on the radio that I haven't listened to one of the pre-1995 CD's in a long time.I just bought 'The Circle",it wasn't good.So for me most of his post 1995 stuff has been bad,especially any of the country sounding songs.

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I don't know about there being albums that I can't play anymore, but there are certainly a few that have me skipping most of the tracks ... like DaHun, I've kept them for the memories :)


Nelson: After The Rain

Twisted Sister: Love Is For Suckers

Faster Pussycat: Wake Me When It's Over

Giant: Last Of The Runaways

Blue Oyster Cult: Agents Of Fortune

Lita Ford: Lita

Royal Court Of China: Geared 'n' Primed

Metallica: Kill 'Em All

Gary Moore: Victims Of The Future

Slayer: Reign In Blood

The Almighty: Soul Destruction

Motley Crue: Dr. Feelgood ...

... and the list goes on.


On the other side of the coin, there are albums that I never really bothered with the first time around, but now I love 'em ...


Aerosmith: Pump

Ozzy Osbourne: Bark At The Moon

MSG: Assault Attack

Alannah Myles: S/T ...

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Still like/love everything from my youth. I do get the whole "played to death" stuff people talk about, but it doesn't make me "hate" it.

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I can't think of anything that I out and out "hate" but there are numerous songs/artists I don't listen to much anymore cuz they haven't aged well or have been overplayed to death so I'm sick of 'em.

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Lillian Axe & Leatherwolf. I used to think they were both awesome bands. But back then I got to a point where I decided EVERY band's sequel albums sucked so I quit buying anything after the debut. There are several bands like those 2 that I just recently have heard/acquired 2nd or 3rd albums & I'm still asking myself why lol. I saw Lillian Axe a few years ago at Rocklahoma & they rocked. So because Love & War seems to be soooo well received by everyone I found a decent price on a copy & ordered it. I think it fucking blows. Now I've realized I'm just not really a fan except for ONE song lmao.


Then there are bands I hated back in the day that I've discovered are making new albums either as a reunion or as a new incarnation & I love the new stuff. Like Krokus Dirty Dynamite. I've always pretty much not liked them (Although I really liked Heart Attack). I know the lead singer on this album sounds just like Bon Scott & I didn't care for AC/DC with him but man I like this Krokus album.

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