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  1. Anyone know what this is?
  2. Grey

    Modern Rock Ballads

    This one's growing on me. Good song.
  3. Grey

    Modern Rock Ballads

    I love Monster You Made.
  4. Grey

    WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!

    I still love the music and have been listening since I found this thread. Wish I could find an "adult" English band with a similar music style.
  5. Grey

    Cover songs

    I like this version:
  6. Grey

    Hateful Songs

    If it's an ex we're talking about, I have a whole playlist for that.
  7. Grey

    Hateful Songs

  8. Grey

    LANSDOWNE "Blue Collar Revolver" CD

    Nice. Thanks!
  9. Grey

    LANSDOWNE "Blue Collar Revolver" CD

    I've been trying to find this on CD or in any lossless format since it was relased. No luck here either.

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