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  1. Good luck actually getting a CD. I love Vain from back in the day. A couple years ago I ordered two of his CDs that I didn't have... after more than a month of email promises (supposedly from Davy Vain himself) I finally had to file a claim with paypal before my time was up. They finally ruled in my favor a few weeks later & gave me a refund. I was very disappointed.
  2. Am I the only one that thinks the front man looks like this guy? Seriously though I've caught these clips on Facebook. Looks like another badass album from Toxic Rose. Well maybe this will actually be a full album. It sucks they're saying it won't be done until 2017 ugh.
  3. I like it too. Dressed To Kill sounds a lot like early Motley Crue to me. So I take it a CD is unavailable or impossible to find? All I could find was a download on Amazon.
  4. Ok Ok I like it. Now please leave my nads alone lmao
  5. I found a cd copy! Got it coming from Amazon Canada. Friggin $22 but whatever. I like this band a lot. Too bad they seem to have slipped through the cracks
  6. I know this is an old thread but I personally love that song. These guys are just badass live btw.
  7. I saw that. Got on there to look up a cd I was watching on ebay. Ended up buying a few from the $5 bin. I love that site Rhyme Or Reason White Elephant Spiral Crush Stampede Queen Night at The Cockfights Virus Of A New Age After Sunset Walk On A Means to an End Self-Titled (Lmtd Edition-Remastered) 2011 Rock and Roll Retribution
  8. Thanks but I see no way to order a copy of a CD. Though I do appreciate having another source I didn't know about
  9. I have been screwing around on eBay a lot lately & found a few CDs from a seller that I won really cheap. Of course I try to look the bands up & listen to what I can before I try to buy a CD. Anyway, I ended up with a copy of Chunk - Slightly Different for $ .01 + $3 shipping. Man I friggin love this disc. Best 3 bucks I've spent in a long time. I did some searching & I found they have another album called Phil on CD Baby (which I also like) but it's only for download. And that's the only format I can find anywhere. Does anyone know if this was released on disc at all? If so could you give me a UPC or something to help try to find a copy?
  10. I heard this on facebook the other day. I've always been a huge fan. I don't hate it but I do agree with some... kinda boring. I hope the album is better...
  11. A badass T Shirt I'm wearing tomorrow to a biker rally lol. Also there were wrist bands, a key chain/bottle opener & a few stickers yes.
  12. Yes. Thanks. I was so shocked. I tried to get them to let me reimburse them for at least the shipping. They wouldn't have it. Class act for sure!
  13. Yesterday this box was on my porch
  14. Man I've gotta agree with the majority on here. I can't make it all the way through any of those songs. They're all shit lol. But I have to admit I was never a true fan of Lynch Mob. The first 2 albums were ok, not great. I remember when he & Don split ways. I hated it until I heard Don's Up From The Ashes. I still really really like that album. As far as Lynch Mob... meh. I like both of the first albums but I don't love them. And I think Bog Cock was the best thing Robert Mason did but I hate having to stumble around the words of explaining to people about their albums. It's pretty easy to get tripped & say "I like Big Cock" lmao!
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