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    Rugby, music (everything from Prog to Black Metal), going to concerts (when I can afford it!), cinema, books, drawing (when I get time), my kids, fine dining, philosophical debate, etc.

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  1. W.A.S.P.: Inside The Electric Circus W.A.S.P.: The Headless Children Candy: Rough Garage Demos
  2. Gary Numan: Savage Sam Riggs and The Night People: Outrun The Sun
  3. Genesis: Invisible Touch Genesis: Calling All Stations Steve Earle: Copperhead Road Chris Rea: The Road To Hell
  4. A couple of days off ... Cinderella: Live Train To Heartbreak Station The Rainmakers: The Rainmakers Lion: Trouble In Angel City Thin Lizzy: Rockpalast, 1981 Bigg Mouth: Bigg Mouth The Dead Daisies: The Dead Daisies Vain: On The Line Coney Hatch: 4 MasterCastle: On Fire Mob Rules: Ethnolution AD Labyrinth: Timeless Crime EP Seth James: Not That Kind Of Man Blue Oyster Cult: The Curse Of The Hidden Mirror American Minor: American Minor UFO: Classic Airwaves (Record Plant, 1975) Genesis: Invisible Touch
  5. Ratt: Invasion Of Your Privacy Baton Rouge: Shake Your Soul
  6. I'm seeing Fish on Dec 17th. Should be epic. The whole of Clutching..... The first time I saw Marillion was on the 'Clutching ...' tour - I'm VERY excited about seeing the whole album played through ...
  7. Robert Plant: Manic Nirvana Robert Plant: Now And Zen Robert Plant: Fate Of Nations Jimmy Page/Robert Plant: No Quarter
  8. So, Ginger Wildheart pulled his show after being hospitalised following an 'altercation' at a gig in Ireland ... *rolls eyes* Off to Mammoth Fest next month (with JamesEagle) - we're going on the Friday night (the 'Black Metal' night), so I'm not expecting lush harmonies and catchy choruses October 18th - Gary Numan. October 31st - Justin Currie (former Del Amitri frontman.) November 3rd - Paradise Lost. November 10th - Cradle Of Filth. December 19th - Fish.
  9. I haven't seen W.A.S.P. for years, but all the reviews I've read suggest that I'm not missing anything ...
  10. 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' ... gotta agree with KarpetRyd, this one was brilliant! Saw the trailer for the 'Flatliners' re-make/re-boot ... it looks as though they've taken everything that made the orignal film so good, and just thrown it all away ...
  11. Charity shop finds: Scorpions: Crazy World Scorpions: Live Bites Rainbow: The Very Best Of ...
  12. Rival Sons: Before The Fire Van Halen: OU812 Van Halen: Balance Chimaira: The Age Of Hell Adagio: Dominate Kate Bush: The Red Shoes
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