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Geoff - 36000 posts


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Good Lord. Whatta post whore. :whistle:


Remember the days when you actually thought I was gonna be a threat to your post count, Geoff? When the world was young? Ahhhh, those were special times indeed.

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Haha, you guys still doing these mofos? ;) Thanks for the congrats, I think. I feel like I post heaps less here these days so I'd be curious to know how long that last 1000 took me.


Anyway, keep nude and if I see an item of clothing on any of you - YES THAT MEANS YOU! - I will ask Dan to ban you. He'll say no, I'll react with a gasp, notice a spilled nacho chip on the floor with slight mold growth from overnight - or is that avacado? - but I'll still eat it and then forget I ever tried to get you banned. But I'll still expect you to be nude next time we converse.

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A huge well done to my fellow Home And Away fan :guitbannana::beerbang::headbanger:

Actually, I won't let this moment pass. As you mention 'Home & Away,' if there is a sexier presence on Aussie TV than this at the moment I don't know what it is:





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Hang on - 36000 posts, the photography, holidays, films, listening to rock music and that's all before work...


You've got a time machine, haven't you?


Good work fella.

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