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So... what are your thoughts on 2009 so far?

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My gut answer off the cuff is "Not quite as good as 2008"... but I have to keep in mind that we saw some phenomenal releases in the second half of 2008, so that may again be the case for 2009.


That said, there have been some very good releases so far in 2009. Nothing to go orgasmic over yet, but some solid earworthy releases nonetheless.


Thus far, the top few for me are (in no particular order):


Praying Mantis - Sanctuary

Hardline - Keeping the End Open

Farcry - High Gear


(Tracks from all the new releases I've listened to are in rotation on the Heavy Harmonies Radio Feed)


And also one that, although I just got it a week ago, has been in CONSTANT play... at home, at work, in the car, you name it.


Their debut was solid, although not overly memorable. Their new release goes up a few notches in my book.


Not everyone's cup of tea, but... take Lana Lane, and blend it with The Corrs, and then add some Oomph underneath it.


Here are my 2 favorite tracks (320kbps) from the album:




Virtue & Vice



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Very nice, just up my street. The CD is out end of June, so I may order a copy. Thanx Dan. :tumbsup:

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Well.....I just grabbed a listen to the MP3's you posted and I'm hooked!!! Great sound in my book and I had to run over to Amazon and grab both of their CDs. You mentioned the Lana Lane sound and I agree......also hear a lot of Nightwish mixed in as well. Definitely my cup of tea....thanks for the tip.

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Very nice, just up my street. The CD is out end of June, so I may order a copy. Thanx Dan. :tumbsup:


Hey Jez.....you can get the CD at Amazon right now. I ordered mine from Nightmare......

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excluding releases of olde stuff, then it's metalucifer-heavy metal bulldozer(the japanese version with the japanese line up is better than the other 2 versions with different line ups).

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I've got my lists elsewhere on the board for a detailed overview of my thoughts on the releases so far this year. As a general summary, I don't know. I'm not sure if it's similar to other recent years at this point, but it seems a little slow for me. It feels like all the "best" releases are still to come. But then as they slowly do come out one by one they maybe don't deliver as much as I hoped (eg. Bai Bang and Nasty Idols are both great... but not that great).


I don't know if it's concerning, or just the sign of a really, really f*cking good CD but I think Place Vendome was the first CD released this year and it's yet to be toppled. FarCry and Chris Laney have fared extremely well too, but aside from that it's been a decent but not amazing year for melodic rock. Modern rock is kind of plodding a bit too. A lot of great releases, but still not one to really blow shit up.


So there you have it. It's been a good year so far, but I'm hoping to see it get crazy good soon. Really looking forward to Steel Panther, and still got all fingers and scrotal tissue crossed to hear from Danger Danger and/or Treat this year.


As for those 2 songs, not bad. Sounds a lot like those Finnish bands with a lady on vocals. Not my thing really, but pretty good for what it is. :)

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I assume that Delain is better then the debut - that just sounded like a second rate Within Temptation.


More vocal harmonies on this one.


My server is down at the moment, so the MP3s are unavailable at the moment. :doh:

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Well, in short my description for 2009 is 'the best is yet to come'.


& that applies to MHR and modern rock.


I would agree that for MHR Place Vendome has not really been topped, although Farcry and Johnny Lima are both excellent discs as well. & from a metal perspective the new Heaven & Hell is just classic.


However I have the feeling that Place Vendome, as good as it is, will be eclipsed by Danger Danger and W.E.T. ..........those are the 2 killers for me that will top anything from last year.


In terms of modern rock, there are 3 or 4 releases so far which are excellent....namely Nural, Papa Roach, Halestorm and The Veer Union. But again come July we have Adelitas Way, Daughtry and New Device all releasing albums which have the potential to be really really excellent.


Here's hoping............

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I'm digging the new Hardline, JSS's 'Beautiful Mess' & Tall Stories' 'Skyscraper' quite a bit...the new Blue October is great too...


The Places Of Power and Street Legal were OK too...but I only spun them a couple times...

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Excellent year so far with a great mix of stuff from different genres. Loads more good stuff to come yet, like the new IQ, Dream Theater, WET, Magnum, UFO and Chickenfoot to name but a few.


Tops so far


Saga, Shakin' Street, Sunstorm, Place Vendome, Saxon, Free Spirit, FarCry,Heaven And Hell and Balance.

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Very nice, just up my street. The CD is out end of June, so I may order a copy. Thanx Dan. :tumbsup:


Hey Jez.....you can get the CD at Amazon right now. I ordered mine from Nightmare......


Cheers mate. Snagged a new copy on ebay for £5.

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My favorites by far are

Last autumn's dream-dream catcher

Great white-rising

Bai bang-are u ready

Place vendome-streets of fire


not bad Hammerfall (I really enjoy the single),Street legal and Sunstorm.

Now I must buy the brand new from the mighty Poodles, I'm sure It's gonna be one of the best album of this year.

I await the brand new from TREAT, C'mon guys hurry up.

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So far, These are all in my rotation in the car...


Coldspell - Infinate Stargaze

Far Cry - High Gear

Chris Laney - Pure

Johnny Lima - Livin' Out Loud

Places Of Power - Now Is The Hour

Sunstorm - House Of Dreams

The Trophy - The Gift Of Life

Bif Naked - The Promise

Freakshow - Freakshow

Cycle Of Pain - Cycle Of Pain

Granit - Granit

Shakra - Everest

Koritni - Game Of Fools

In All It's Glory - In All It's Glory

Sahara Rain - Send In Your Hands

Halestorm - Halestorm

Papa Roach - Metamorphasis

Red - Innocence And Instinct

The Answer - Every Day Demons

Bad Habit - Above And Beyond

Stratovarius - Polaris

Charlemagne - Charlemagne

Bloodbound - Tabula Rasa

Burn Halo - Burn Halo

Covered Call - Money Never Sleeps

Holy Water - The Collected Sessions

Blind Alley - Destination Destiny

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