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  1. Excellent tune!! Like it a lot!! Can't wait for this!!
  2. The songs are just ten times better IMO.
  3. Here is a preview for you LV (as posted on the First Spin Impressions thread): Lillian Axe - Sad Day On Planet Earth Here we have the new disc from one of my favorite all time bands LILLIAN AXE. I immediately think this sounds better than the last album "Water's Rising". Going through my first spin of this and I like most of the songs so far. Cocoon -- an instrumental opener complete with a nice acoustic piece. Not bad. Megaslowfade -- sounds like a song that should have been on "Water's Rising". Dark and moody but pretty aggressive also. Don't care for it but it's not horrible. Jesus Wept -- Ahh.... this sounds much better. Nice guitars and the vocals are terrific. Sounds more like the classic Lillian Axe. Like it a lot. This song would fit perfectly on "Psychoschizophrenia". Love the build to the monster chorus. Ignite -- see track #2. Another song that could've been on "Water's Rising". First track I pressed the skip button on. Very modern sounding track. The Grand Scale Of Finality -- Pretty cool track. Another classic sounding Lillian Axe tune. Another track that could have been on "Psychoschizophrenia". Sad Day On Planet Earth -- Slow and moody number but a very good one. This screams Lillian Axe! Sort of similar to "Until The End Of The World". Classic Axe chorus. Hibernate -- Another kickass track. Another strong chorus. Where were these songs on the last album? Love it! Within Your Reach -- Slow track with some classic Steve Blaze guitars. This fits nicely on any of their albums. Another pretty good track. Down Below The Ocean -- This track is reminicent to "Water's Rising". Not bad but not one of the better tracks either. Blood Raining Down On Her Wings -- Another slow beginning.... with nice melodic guitars and vocals. Reminds me of "Second Of May". Also is a little reminiscent of "The Day I Met You" from "Psychoschizophrenia". Song builds nicely. Cold Day In Hell -- Wow.... a classic sounding track. Love this one too. Another slow track but it works well. Nocturnal Symphony -- Not too bad but too similar to the last album for my taste. Modernized Axe. Divine -- Another modern sounding track but sounds pretty good to these ears. Another song that could have been on "Psychoschizophrenia". Kill Me Again -- Uh.... this track again. Really didn't see any need to put this on yet another album. Slightly updated but keeps the feel of the original. Lefevre just doesn't have Ron Taylor's pipes for this song but it's still a good tune. Fire, Blood, The Earth & Sea -- Another slow orchestral and acoustic track. Fitting closer to this disc. Another track to builds as it goes. Kicks ass once it gets going. Not the greatest closer but not bad. Clocks in at over 8 minutes. Overall, this is a really strong disc. A few fillers but this is a million times better than "Water's Rising". Kickass guitar work by Steve Blaze and really strong vocals by Derrick Lefevre.
  4. Yeah.... a lot of stores are going under. The Record & Tape Traders flagship location in Catonsville, MD moved into a new location and then closed up completely over the last few months. Also noticed the CD Warehouse in Glen Burnie, MD is gone. Guess it doesn't pay to be in the cd selling business these days.
  5. I agree completely with you Geoff. This is more of the retro sound for Stryper and is better than "Reborn". I like it and all but nothing really stood out. I'd give it a 7/10.
  6. Fuck you you fucking fucked up fucking fuck
  7. Great tune from a great band. That band needs to reunite. All 3 discs were great IMO but none of them sounded the same. I'd love for the bands first line-up to reunite. That debut disc is one of my favorites.
  8. COOL From The Wire - Dirty Looks
  9. bumped so more people can check out the track I posted.
  10. I like Bass Ale. Is that a sin? :woot:
  11. A band that just seem to keep getting better. I agree with the both of you. Very surprised this has come so quickly after the last few brilliant releases. I'm stoked!
  12. It's not cool... terrific... all that jazz??
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