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I have some friends in an all girl Bon Jovi tribute band in LA called BLONDE JOVI. They do it for fun, they're guitar teachers, session musicians, etc and they're not looking to be the Iron Maidens or anything (although Linda was their original drummer). They've been doing this a few years and have a pretty decent following, got featured in Hustler (fully clothed) and have done some pretty cool stuff.


Well, last September one of the girls called me and said that a tribute band from Connecticut (I think) had gotten ahold of them and said that Bon Jovi were suing them because of their name (can't remember what it was right now). She wondered if they were just fucking with the girls or if it was real. A few days later she noticed they had changed their name so it was real. Kinda funny and pathetic at the same time.


Well, lo and behold, just the other day, a cease and desist letter arrived at the singer's house with some of the most outlandish crap you can imagine. A second letter showed up yesterday, which I don't have yet, demanding the band let the band's lawyers audit them. When I heard this I couldn't stop laughing. I've told them to fight it until it gets too hot but apparently the singer went and altered everything to Blonde Jersey already.




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What, does Bon Jovi have a Metallica complex?


Talk about biting the hand that feeds you... "yeah, we know you love our music and are paying homage to us, but fuck you anyway."


Thank God that Bon Jovi gave the band permission to continue using the word "Blonde"... how magnanimous.


Great publicity too... what's the first thing a tribute band is going to do... from the stage: "And we'd like to thank the band Bon Jovi for FUCKING SUING US BECAUSE WE PAY HOMAGE TO THEIR MUSIC! We'd like to announce that we are officially changing our name... to BONJOVIAREABUNCHOFEGOTISTICALPRIX... or is that too similar?"


Spaceballs, The Movie?


No... Bon Jovi, The Ego.


P.S. Since when can a law firm send official correspondence by certified mail on their own letterhead, and put in a disclaimer "This letter is for settlement only and is inadmissible..." WTF? Is it legal correspondence or isn't it? Make up yer fucking mind!

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That's lame as hell.


On a side note, Manic, got any pictures of these gals? :lol:

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Unbelievable. What a tool JBJ is. How anyone can listen to these sellouts anymore is beyond me.

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Sad & pathetic. :screwy:


Just like their last few releases :whistle:

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I've got to say as much as I think this is a low act by Bon Jovi (or his lawyers), I'm not at all suprised. I bet this sorta stuff goes on a lot more than we hear about from big bands. I could understand them taking this course of action if Blonde Jovi were on the brink of breaking huge and becoming competetive with Bon Jovi, but they're a small time tribute band for gods sake.


I wonder if Blonde Jovi will still want to continue paying tribute to Bon Jovi. It must to be hard to get up on stage and pay tribute to someone who screwed you over like that.

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I bet the girls had a lot more bollocks and rocked harder than the little piss ant aswell!! Tosser

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Come on THE TOWN !!!!!!


You need to keep your sexual preferences to yourself matey ;)

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When will little Richie come on this thread and defend these fags? :whistle:


Afraid to come to a lynching? :axe:


They have probably sent him a letter stating that he is not allowed to use the Sambora name as well :lol:

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Just have a look at the name listed between Peall and Pearce.




Bon Jovi or their Management can be contacted on this phone number to discuss their reasons for doing this :lol:

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