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  1. Glad Kai finally cleared things up. But where are you guys getting all of this erroneous info??
  2. So, to bring this up again. I just saw Steve Batky ("Steve Napoleon") this past weekend for the first time since 1993 and yes, he did "about 20 or so more demos" after I was no longer in the picture. And they may actually see the light of day in 2016. Dave, What about the supposed demos for a 2nd album? Know anything about this? Terry
  3. New issue of Hard Attack featuring interviews with Michael Monroe, Queensryche, Cats in Space, Diemonds, Diamond Dogs, Butcher Babies and more http://hardattackmag.com/latest-issue
  4. It will be bi-monthly and it's free to read online And thanks, man!
  5. Interviews with Crazy Lixx, Santa Cruz, Adrenaline Mob, Alice Cooper, VAMPS, etc http://issuu.com/hardattackmag/docs/hafinalmarch05?e=12642628%2F12002889
  6. Worked with Jon and Lillian Axe ... went to Japan with them in '99. Was terrible, terrible news to hear ...
  7. The album is available through Amazon in the US now - and they must have been pounded for orders (not hyping, I promise) because I got an order from Amazon 10 times per normal from them. The album will finally be out properly in the UK on 19 January and we're shooting for March in G/A/S and Japan. And yes, they're working on material for a new album right now.
  8. LOL It's become a parody of itself ... the "owner" (who I've known since 1987) turned into a manipulating, lying POS. Almost everyone that was there in the beginning has been / "been let go" / whatever. And, I won't even go into detail about the bullshit he pulled with CrashDiet. He actually called me and left a voicemail the other week, asking me to let him explain himself, blah, blah, blah .... As someone pointed out to me a little bit ago, he's had to resort to a very failed Crowd Funding attempt. By the looks of it, doesn't seem like much of a success ... https://fundanything.com/en/campaigns/heavy-metal-television-keep-it-free The named donators are all his personal friends and I suspect the Anonymous ones are himself, his girlfriend and a family member or two. If it lasts beyond March 2015 I will be shocked.
  9. Lynam is actually a possibility .... I know their mgmt well as well as a couple of the guys. Came up in the LA music scene with Lonny, their guitarist, although he was mostly playing bass back then.
  10. But Stateside versions right? If they exist! LOL
  11. Love this album, top to bottom. Not so crazy about the cover of "Drive," (better than the original, though).
  12. Tried to work with Kory a couple of years ago on some Warrior Soul dates. Let's just say his self worth is, ummm, inflated.
  13. Damn good band. We were looking at handling them but it all fell apart somehow (I wasn't doing the deal, a former colleague was). Hopefully they'll break out in 2015. Silly name, though!
  14. Ta-da ... Terry hit the nail partly on the head, anyway. See, I wasn't thinking of ANY of those bands ... although I have albums from every single one. I was just blanking them all out. Now, to concentrate on the Hardcore Superstar / Dregen's of the world
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