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  1. Or Eaglesfan3000 (Eric I think?), there was a nice little group of musos on here back in the day...
  2. It's nice to see that as small as the group seems to have become, it is all the familiar faces...and Darkstone, who seems like an awesome guy anyway :p I've been out of the loop in terms of Rock music for a while now...is there any chance the the drop in HH traffic has any correlation to rock musics relevance in 2019? Or is the rock scene alive and well, and I've just not been in the right groups on FB to see it? Have been genuinely worried about this over the last decade...I feel like guitar and live music in general is fading away into obscurity...but I hope to be proven wrong Sad to see the pro forum is s bit dead these days, does Thomas/Coastline still post?
  3. I feel the same tbh! A few years ago FB was the place to talk about not just music, but everything I enjoyed...now there's few discussions on there about Star Wars, Doctor Who, comics, films etc that don't just turn into pointless arguments...it's like the worst flamefests we had on here but everywhere you look....I think the fact that literally everyone is on there only fuels the fire tbh It's made me appreciate that with these forums we're all like minded and have something in common at the end of the day....we had our rough patches in the past; I wasn't the only member who had issues with other members, but we were one community at the end of the day It's my hope that forums such as this one start to make a comeback...more and more people are becoming frustrated with FB, and Zuckershmucks double speak isn't putting anyones mind at ease either :p We do have closed groups on there to keep the community spirit alive, but I find people are more easily riled up anywhere on FB, probably due in part to whatever non-group post they just saw 5 mins prior...HH feels like a bit of a haven nowadays!
  4. Oh it was Jacob. M I was thinking of! Good to see he's still alive and well, last login was a few weeks ago Still sad to hear about Staryder though, I remember him being very passionate about the hobby A few old regulars on that thread I'd forgotten about: Evil Rick, Swazi, 66 Mustang, cdjunky, T-Bone...
  5. I would look it up, but in my experience...the less time spent on Facebook, the better...way too much crossover on there, most people don't know whether I'm coming or going :p
  6. Oh that's terrible! I liked him, he was one of the younger members if i remember right, we got along well...he struck me as the kinda guy who wouldn't hurt a fly...very sad to hear of his passing makes me all that more grateful for those who are still with us, I'm glad you guys are still around Haha, I think I used to get Washington state and D.C. confused just as often as a kid, apologies! I do remember you, I'm sure I'd remember more if I could place your profile pic back in the day :p I had forgotten about HSF till you mentioned him just now tbh, is he still around? What about OP Leykis101?
  7. Martinsane! Good to see you're still around man! I remember you, weren't you mates with Sean? I seem to remember you were the correctional officer on the east coast? May be getting confused though Yeah I've noticed most forums have died to be honest, I switched to Facebook myself because I had all my college friends on there but....I think I came back here cause Facebook is getting reallllly nasty these days, and as you can imagine; probably not the best atmosphere for someone like me :p one thing I'll say for forums is they did have a real community feel to them, even when we were arguing....FB tends to be a load of strangers blowing off steam in each other's faces between breaks! At least we had some form of respect around these parts! What about GlamJunkie? Australia's biggest Bon Jovi fan IIRC, he was always active, but his profile has the same pic it had a decade ago... And who was the guy from Tulsa who was mad about Pontiac? I remember getting along with him quite well funnily enough, but can't for the life of me remember who it was! Maybe we'll see more of us come back as Facebook becomes more and more toxic...I kinda miss the quaint old message board format
  8. And it's never too late to learn man I missed the emojis on this board...
  9. Yeah....it's a female :p Cheers man! I love Danger Danger, but I've always had a soft spot for that Bang Bang as well :p just the music on the original I thought was kinda boring, so I just did that version for my own benefit tbh...I think I'm the person who streams it more than anyone else haha Ah to be fair im feeling a lot more confidant these days! Was sitting there working out all these different TV and film themes earlier, planning a rock medley in the near future...older members will remember the Star Wars travesty, but this one will be better :p
  10. And I really need to change my username again - no word of a lie, I had to stop using this as a stage name when a porn star with the same named turned up overnight, sometime in 2012...it's been sullied ever since...
  11. Heya! Nice to meet you! I've already noticed you're a fairly active poster, just makes me feel old that I'm before anyones time on this forum...doesn't feel like that long ago! Well to be fair, I had and still have respect for most of the people who were criticising - I always saw them as constructive criticisms, but I didn't have anyone, other than my parents, at the time to reassure me that I was good enough... Oh nothing that fancy - I played drums in an indie/alternative band for a few months, bass in a Pink Floyd cover band, then switched to acoustic guitar, then electric guitar in that band, played in a couple of 80s tribute bands for a couple of rehearsals, did a couple of gigs as an acoustic duo with a singer that does pop covers, played lead guitar in an originals band for a few months at the beginning of the year, and was in a pop punk covers band for most of the year that did the pub circuit....didn't have many gigs, I think we did maybe 10 or 11 all year but it's been a good start to getting back into it I haven't counted the total number of gigs I did last year, but it's definitely more than the previous 5 years combined! I've got a load of original stuff on my soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/dannyhearnmusic It's kind of a mix of all kinds of things, mostly portfolio work...but I'm writing some stuff at the moment that I'm really focussing on getting right, something that's 100% expressive of what *I* want to do....that idea of spending a decade preparing myself has carried over to all my compositions...they're all written for imaginary jobs :p so most of the stuff on there is trailer or advert music, film score stuff...kinda cheesy tbh Although I am pretty proud of my version of Bang Bang that's on there, not gonna lie....I just made it a lot more 80s sounding, lemme know if you check it out Look forward to catching up on your posts man!
  12. Likewise! Was just playing guitar earlier, happened upon some Winger and it made me think of Pete, funnily enough, then Keith, then you, then Mullethead...figured it might be worth popping my head in now that I'm coming out the other end of it all Oh, and getting back into guitar music helps!! I went into some weird territory over the years... Remember how I always used to take the piss out of modern rock? Hoobastank became one of my favourite bands somewhere along the line...modern rock is actually pretty good...I think Smallville can be blamed for that one :p Went through a drumming phase, and started playing bass properly a couple of years ago...so hitting the music hard now! As I said in my last post, I got a bit obsessed somewhere along the line...but the upside is that now I'm playing better than I ever have it was the fact I'd been playing guitar for something like 6 hours straight that reminded me of HH, just took me back to the good old days! But yeah, things are better than they've been, still not out of the woods yet but...I'm glad to see a bunch of familiar names still posting around here, hopefully enough members can forgive my teenage indiscretions...would be nice to be a bit more active now that I've got more time on my hands I realised that the lack of new rock music in my life coincides with when I stopped coming on here...almost as though this was my main conduit to the rock and metal world.... How are things in Geoffland? Is the other Jeff still around to argue over whose name is spelt the right way? :p
  13. Ok so here's the thing... Back in 2008 when I was 17 and going around calling myself a session musician there were a lot of arguments on here about my aspirations...granted I was getting way ahead of myself, but I was a kid... I remember the musicians on here getting quite frustrated with me, and they convinced me I wasn't ready or good enough to go pro, so thats why I decided to go to college for 3 years, get a national diploma, and then go to uni...I finished college with near enough top marks when I was 21 and could have started working then, but I was convinced I still wasn't good enough... and at 26, I realised that uni wasn't for me...that ended up taking 8 years of my life...and now I'm approaching 28 and starting to panic that I've left it too late... The worst part is that one of the guys I was in touch with back in 2008 who wanted to work with me after he saw a video of me playing is now the singer in a famous British rock band...and I bottled out of working with him because I didn't have the confidence in myself... If I'm honest, I think those arguments might have had a lasting effect on me...I became obsessed with preparing for my career and never actually started it, but I've watched the contacts I had at the time just keep moving up in the industry... I didn't realise until about a year ago when I started gigging again, but I doubted myself for way too long because of some of the comments on here...in 2018 I played in 10 projects, on 3 different instruments...I think I may have over compensated a bit :p
  14. Basically I was young and naive, hopeful and motivated...and now I'm older, drained, bitter and defeated :p I went to college to study music in 2009, partly due to the conversations on these boards about me not being ready to go pro, and was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease a month before I started the course, powered through for 3 years and switched my focus from guitar to composition, applied to LIPA after finishing top of the class at college and got as far as the audition but didn't get on the course, went to my second choice instead, broke up with my fiance during my first year and started to have issues with my hands at that time, then my dad got ill when I was in a relationship with a woman who's kid I had also taken on...broke up with her 4 years ago and that's pretty much about it Turns out, it ain't all it's cracked up to be, and I totally understand why my 17 year old naïveté would irritate anyone who's stepped into the real world for longer than a day :p
  15. So, my hard drives died years ago and I lost everything...I never thought I'd miss Rapidshare as much as I do right now
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