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Worst Song Ever Recorded??


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6 hours ago, Geoff said:

Anything by Sticky Fyxx or Halestorm before their s/t debut. 

I once bought a Sticky Fyxx CD. I literally smashed that motherfucker with a hammer. What a horrendous pile of donkey shit that CD was.


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15 hours ago, AlphaMale said:

They were so bad we got their name wrong Geoff:


I had Sleazy We Meow :bigboom:

lol. I actually didn't think it looked right. But they don't deserve any amount of accuracy anyway. 

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23 minutes ago, tts42572 said:

Seeing this thread made me think immediately of Motley Crue's Like A Virgin remake....

Worst song my ears have experienced in a long time.

HaHa!  I thought that cover was pretty bad as well and if I were making a list of worst songs the Crue ever recorded it would be near the top

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