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  1. Nothing will ever touch the debut. Kind of lackluster release. Wild Butterflies Last December Beautiful One Beautiful One (acoustic) The rest? Meh
  2. I trust nobody who thinks The Magnificent is a good group!
  3. I thought for sure "Save that Goodness' from MR Live would have made this release.
  4. Some nice discs there. Good to see a mixed bag of stuff. BTW..Aldo Nova's 'Subject' has been remastered by the Rock Candy guys Thanks for the heads up! I'll look for it!
  5. Definitely some good stuff there...I could easily see Boston's debut on my list...as well as the Dokken. Good pick with Gotthard, however, I'd pick Human Zoo....good stuff!
  6. In no particular order: Def Leppard - Pyromania......the last REAL rocking album from the Leps. Everyone creams over Hysteria. I prefer Pyro. Danger Danger - Cockroach....2 for the price of one. Laine kicks ass on a couple of tracks, Poley slays the rest. Awesome shit. Rush - Test for Echo....music speaks for itself. It's neither too proggy, nor too Hold your Fire-y. Which is a good thing. Journey - Frontiers.....a bit more raw than Escape, and ROR. Take off 'Backtalk', and add 'Only the Young', and 'Ask the Lonely'...and this would be my desert island disc. Aldo Nova - Subject....ju
  7. I thought Brian Howe retired....

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