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  1. Nothing will ever touch the debut. Kind of lackluster release. Wild Butterflies Last December Beautiful One Beautiful One (acoustic) The rest? Meh
  2. I trust nobody who thinks The Magnificent is a good group!
  3. I thought for sure "Save that Goodness' from MR Live would have made this release.
  4. This goes back to a thought I had about 10 years ago, and a conversation I had with my friend Jeff(The Rocker). Let's put aside the fact of changing musical tastes, and the way commercial radio/MTV has changed the musical landscape. When our favorite/classic bands were first starting out, whether it was the late 70s, or the 80s...the had a hunger...a FUCK THE WORLD attitude. Badass brothers in leather, chains, spandex, ripped jeans....etc. They wrote, recorded, and LIVED the lifestyle of the songs they were singing...consequently, each bands 'signature sound' was born. Fast forward 25/30 years...singers can't hit the notes anymore, and have to write songs in a tuned down key. That signature sound changes. ALWAYS to the detriment of the glory days. Can Geddy still sing 'Bastille Day'? Nope. 'Anthem'? Hell no! They don't even try to write songs like that anymore. So I was thinking....it would have been better(too late now) to just write and record like crazy, capturing THAT classic sound while the pipes and the original drive was still in its infancy. Not only RUSH(the only reason I chose Rush in my example was because of the high notes), but every melodic rock/hair band. Each group compiling a vault of material, in that original style....SLOWLY releasing the songs on subsequent albums. I really see ABSOLUTELY NO need for a release like 'Hysteria'. While the album is classic, top to bottom, it puts TOO much pressure on a group to equal or top it on the next release...which they've never done. Although 'Adrenalize' was close, or at least the closest. Bands tend to stick to the same 'style' on an album. I bet if a band released an album of bonus tracks, and unreleased material...and never said which album each was from - you could tell what era it was from...pretty easily. Ignoring production values. ok, I'm rambling now...but you get the point. Just record like crazy at the beginning, and release the material at a slower rate...take 3 tracks off 'Hysteria'- and put them on the next album. And so on... Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticisms?
  5. Some nice discs there. Good to see a mixed bag of stuff. BTW..Aldo Nova's 'Subject' has been remastered by the Rock Candy guys Thanks for the heads up! I'll look for it!
  6. Definitely some good stuff there...I could easily see Boston's debut on my list...as well as the Dokken. Good pick with Gotthard, however, I'd pick Human Zoo....good stuff!
  7. In no particular order: Def Leppard - Pyromania......the last REAL rocking album from the Leps. Everyone creams over Hysteria. I prefer Pyro. Danger Danger - Cockroach....2 for the price of one. Laine kicks ass on a couple of tracks, Poley slays the rest. Awesome shit. Rush - Test for Echo....music speaks for itself. It's neither too proggy, nor too Hold your Fire-y. Which is a good thing. Journey - Frontiers.....a bit more raw than Escape, and ROR. Take off 'Backtalk', and add 'Only the Young', and 'Ask the Lonely'...and this would be my desert island disc. Aldo Nova - Subject....just a kick ass album, that is in dire need of remastering. Genesis - A Trick of the Tail....what can I say? From Dance on a Volcano to Los Endos. quality stuff. Harem Scarem - Self titled/Mood Swings...So sue me! I consider them 1/1A. Quality melodic shit. Phil Collins - No Jacket Required....Mr. 1985 could do no wrong. Not a filler on this release. Not melodic rock, but I don't care anymore. Kansas - Leftoverture....Masterpiece. Plain and simple. There was NO better voice in the 70s, save RJD. Winger - Pull....their most mature, quality release....not a bad song in the bunch. Add 'Star Tripper', and it's even better. A few just below the cut: Ayreon - Into the Electric Castle - I really debated on including this in the Top 10. It was touch and go for awhile. Vinnie Vincent - Invasion Kiss - Dressed to Kill/Creatures of the Night Loverboy - Just Getting Started Tears for Fears - Everybody Loves a Happy Ending
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